Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing out the Year on a High Note!

"We win! You win! Woos!"
So here we are on New Year's Eve, the last day of the year, contemplating where we've been and where we are going. Before the year ends, we would like to say thank you to all the wonderful friends we've made here, thank you to the awards bestowed upon us, and for some prizes we've won along the way.

"My turn to read it next!"
Thanks to Pets Blogroll, we were the recent winners of a great book, The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. Currently, we are enjoying the read. Thanks, Pets Blogroll! If you haven't checked this site out (where you can win prizes! Yay!), please do so soon!
I'd also like to take a few moments to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award I was given by Facing 50 With Humor. Please stop by her site for some really funny, thought-inspiring writings! You won't be sorry you stopped by.

To accept the award, I need to select blogs I deem worthy of the Stylish Blogger Award and share some fun or interesting facts about myself:
  1. I used to be an equestrian. I raised, rode, trained, and showed horses Western-style. I even rescued a homeless dog and brought him home bareback. A little Spitz named Max. I had a hard time getting my parents to believe that "he just followed me home," though. Guess the dog on the horse's back gave it away.
  2. I made friends with a police drug-sniffing guard dog when I was about 10. There was a butcher shop a few doors down and I would get free bones and toss them over the fence to the vicious German Shepherd. The owner couldn't believe the dog didn't eat me, so he gave her to me when he closed the business. For some reason, my folks once again had a hard time believing that "she just followed me home." I just don't understand why. But of course she became part of the family!
  3. I have never flown on an airplane. I did sit in the back of a Cessna once for a photoshoot of the student pilot. Does that count?
  4. I love rock music and rock concerts. A tradition I have passed on and now enjoy with my daughter. My one Husky loves rock music too. He was weaned on it. 
  5. I received my first camera as a Christmas present from my parents when I was five. I think it was called a Silly Camera, and it took real black and white Polaroid-like photos that you could do some cool distortions with. My career was launched!
  6. I've always loved and have been around animals. We once had 77 baby chicks in our furnace room in our house in the city. Then we moved to the country and added more dogs, cats, horses, a bull, and a parakeet who loved to perch upside down on his swing. Sadly, he met his demise when he fell off his perch and landed on his head.
  7. I raised a wild fox. My brother came across a red fox who had been hit by a car on a rural road. He found a nest of babies nearby with one surviving little baby. He brought it home and we nursed it with a baby doll bottle. My brother moved, and I cared for it until he passed. He loved to eat dog food, climb on my shoulder, and would make "ah-ah" sounds, so my two-year-old  niece named it "Ahh." (sounds like "at" without the "t.")
  8. My favorite sport is walking my Huskies. Wait, what...? Who says that's not a sport???
Now I will be passing this award on to other bloggers, so check for a note from me over the next few days and then please
pay it forward and post this award on your website with a link back to your nominator (that's us, the FiveSibes!) and don't forget to share interesting or fun facts about yourselves and nominate your Stylish Blogger Award recipients! 

See you all next year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday Before the New Year

Our pack's princess is right at home amdist the Christmas wrappings. What do you think Chloe is thinking about?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wild Blizzard Blast Wordless Wednesday!

The snow has finally arrived here...and Mother Nature not only finally gifted us with much fluffy white stuff, she made up for lost time with dropping a foot-and-a half in our region! 

Needless to say, this is an equation all Sibe lovers know: 
Snow = Happy Sibes!  

We sure hope Sibes everywhere finally have some snow of their own!

To celebrate the falling of the snow, here is a slideshow of the FiveSibes in their element right after the blizzard. We hope you enjoy watching as much as they enjoyed playing!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Canine Cooking Corner" Visits CBS Video Vault and a Dog Chef!

It all sounds good to food hobbyist Chloe!
For this installment of "Canine Cooking Corner," while I don't have a FiveSibes video this week, I do have an item I came across that I'd like to share. It's from a 2005 news video from the CBS "Early Show," as reported by the show's resident vet, Dr. Debbye Turner, called "'Bone' Appetite" that features dog chef and author Micki Voisard, who discussed home cooking for dogs. Perfect for this column, wouldn't you say? Ms. Voisard, who is also the founder of Dog Chefs of America, whips up delectable dishes for dogs and holds canine cooking classes world wide! Pretty cool. I hope she has one in our area sometime soon!
Just a quick reminder that no matter what type of diet your canine companion is on, it's always wise to check with the vet before changing/altering your dog's nutritional intake.

And while we are on the subject of food...with another holiday once again upon us, let's all remember to keep an eye out when having company over for a New Year's Eve party or New Year's Day dinner for the some of the foods that can unfortunately make our furbabies ill. These include:
  • alcohol
  • chocolate
  • coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks
  • nuts
  • onions
  • garlic
  • mushrooms
  • fat trimmings (appetizers, gravies, etc.)
  • sugary items (think cookies, desserts, etc.)
  • sugar-free items (watch out for xylitol & other artificial sweeteners)
For a full list, visit the Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Education website. 

Be safe, eat well, and see you next time (next year!) for the "Canine Cooking Corner!" Bon Appetit!


Thanks, Sue, for the special post!
On a separate subject, a huge note of thanks to Sue of Dogs-N-More for the lovely Rainbow Bridge Tribute she is doing this week for all beloved pets who have left this humanly world. Please stop over and check it out. Each day she is posting a tribute to different pets of folks here in the wonderful blogosphere. She has been so kind as to feature three of our late furbabies: My dear, dear Chelsey, an Akita/ German Shepherd mix who we fell in love with the moment we met her at the ASPCA. She loved to push on my arm with her nose when she wanted attention, and loved and protected my daughter up until the very end. We ultimately lost her as a result of canine Alzheimer's over 5 years ago. Our dwarf bunny, Sugar, who was Chelsey's buddy and both were constant companions to my very young daughter who would read to them daily. Sugar loved to watch TV, ride in a Barbie car, and lived a long life until age 13 (we were told he'd only live 5 years). And Sandy, a sweet German Shepherd/Chow mix and my first dog with my husband when we were first married more than 29 years ago. We lost Sandy to a nasty neck tumor when she was older, but I'll always remember the day we brought her home with her round belly and how she loved to hide in the laundry pile! They are so missed and always thought of. Thank you, Sue and Dogs-N-More, for this wonderful memorial. May all the pets who crossed the Rainbow Bridge be romping merrily, pain-free, and carefree in the big meadow on the other side.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Sibe Stroll Down Holiday Lane

Season's Greetings! We here in the FiveSibes' household hope everyone had a wondrous and magical Christmas day! Recently, (before today's snowstorm), during one of our outings to the vet, Gibson stopped along the way to share a few moments with some of the Christmas characters that are visiting our front lawn this year and we thought we'd to share them with you all. 

Blending in with the polar bears!

Sharing a laugh with the Red Baron himself, Snoopy!

Conferring with the sled dogs on who is going to be lead dog.

Ready to go!

Just hanging out with Santa Paws and Rudy.

Discovering that Rudolph's nose really does glow!
We sure hope you enjoyed this stroll with Gibson down Holiday Lane! Stay safe and enjoy this last week of the holidays, and 2010!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Husky's Night Before Christmas Photo Story

A Husky’s Night Before Christmas
my adaption of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

The night before Christmas all shared a warm vibe
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Sibe;

The stockings were hung on the stair rail with care,
In hopes that Santa Paws soon would be there;

The Huskies were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of squeaky toys danced in their heads;
With Harley on her blanket, and Gib on my lap,
  Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit all settled down for a long winter's nap,

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
the FiveSibes wooed as to what was the matter.

Brothers Wolf and Gibson searched out cause,
When who should appear – why yes, Santa Paws!

A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,
And he left rawhides for all five in the pack.
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,

And touching his finger to alpha Sibe’s nose,
He gave them all treats and up the skylight he rose;

He sprang to his Husky-driven sleigh and gave a loud "Hike!"
And away they all drove like on a speed racer's bike.


But we heard him exclaim, before he went out of sight,

"Merry Christmas FiveSibes, and to all a good-night!"

 The FiveSibes, Smokie, and I send very Merry Christmas wishes and woos to all of our furpals and their Hu-families!!!

Trimming the Tree on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve Day! Ornaments hold a special meaning to me, with many on our tree having a significant connection to the giver or for the receiver. There are many passed down from my mother to me, special ones given as gifts (see Toto with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? I like her name!), and the most special ones of all...the handcrafted ones my daughter made while in elementary school (see my all-time favorite ceramic Snoopy one she made). Also highlighting our tree are many canine ornaments, some whimsical and some reminiscent of our dogs, past and present. There are some that are still hung in memory of our late German Shepherd/Akita Chelsey, and many, many Siberian Husky ones; with a few more added this year! 

When I was a child, my family trimmed the tree on Christmas Eve. My Dad would put up the lights and my Mom would even out the branches using black sewing thread. Then I could hang a few ornaments, but the rest we left for Santa Claus to do.  (My brother and sister were much older than I, so they kept the tradition going just for me by hanging some on too.) Then, on Christmas morning, when I came rushing into the family room, it was pure magic as I saw the glistening Christmas tree all adorned with ornaments and garland and tinsel with presents gathered all around its base. What a magical time that was!

So, in honor of my family's old tradition of trimming the tree on Christmas Eve, I thought I'd post this little slideshow of some of the special canine ornaments that hang proudly on the branches of our tree. And, as you can see,  the FiveSibes shared in the excitement as they kept watch over some of the ornaments that caught their eye (and Chloe wondered why she couldn't eat hers!)

Merry Christmas Eve Day to all...and we hope you enjoy the show! (To disable the background music, scroll to bottom of page and click the pause button on the jukebox).

Music by Kenny G.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who's up for a snowball fight???!!!

Still dreaming of having a white Christmas here...but not having any doesn't stop the FiveSibes from dreaming about the white fluffy stuff! Here is a little Jib-Jab video that really encompasses those sled dog dreams! If you have snow, toss a real snowball for these eagerly-awaiting-snow Huskies! Now come on furpals...get ready...get set...SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!

Please Note: To turn off the Christmas music, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause the jukebox. Then hit the JibJab video "play" button and enjoy in some snowy fun!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Canine Cooking Corner!

"When my tum-tum's better, we will make these!"
Season's Greetings! Since this is Tuesday, that means it's time once again for the FiveSibes' "Canine Cooking Corner," where we will share videos of us making recipes, as well as other folks creating delectable dishes. 
This week, unfortunately, our four-year-old, Gibson, has been sick. He's had tummy issues since Friday night and is now on a boiled rice, chicken, and potato diet as well as vet-prescribed medication. So, our Sibe test kitchen is closed until our big boy feels better.

However, Gone to the Snow Dogs has once again shared a wonderful video recipe for yummy Gingerbread Dog Cookies that they are so gracious to share with everyone. I think this recipe definitely gets a 5-Paw rating from the FiveSibes, and as soon as Gibson is feeling better and ready to eat regular food again, we will be whipping some up to share!

So, thank you Gone to the Snow Dogs! And Bon Appetit, Everyone!

Oh, PS, to turn down the music on the blog page so you can hear Snow Dogs tell their recipe, just scroll down to bottom of page and you can pause the jukebox there!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Magical Monday Before Christmas!

This is our Christmas Card for this year and it is being sent from our family to yours. It is filled with Season's Greetings for a very  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our furpals and their Hu-families!

Merry Monday before Christmas! This week we will be posting a variety of holiday-themed posts in keeping with the spirit of the season.

Let's take this time to reflect back on family - and how our wonderful pets make that unit all the more special. Let's hope that all our beloved companions will live long, healthy lives, and that homeless pets will find their forever home very soon and experience true happiness and love.

During the holiday season, let us all remember to take a few simple precautions to keep our beloved furkids safe:
  • Keep holiday food & drink (especially alcohol) away from their reach. Many foods are poisonous to animals, or at the very least, can make them sick.
  • Move the chocolate Santas and truffles way out of their reach and smell.
  •  If company is arriving, let's remember to lessen their anxiety by keeping them outside (if that is a normal comfortable environment for them), or gated or crated in another room where they will stay safe, and maybe even have a TV or radio playing low for them.
  • Let's remember to keep a sharp eye on our entrances and exits so that pets do not dodge out the door when guests are coming in or leaving.
  • Keep collars with ID tags on so in the event they do escape through the ingress and egress of visitors, they can be easily identified and returned.
  • Be careful with burning candles. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend not using them. A simple wag of the tail or a quick sniff could result in an accident or tragedy for pet and/or owner.
  • If there will be a lot of children about, their over-enthusiasm can stress out some pets, so let's be aware and remember to watch our pets' body language and know when they have had enough "human" playtime.
  • If we get gifted a holiday plant - say, a Poinsettia, let's remember to keep it far away from our pets as it is poisonous. If we decorate with them, go for the artificial ones with white lights for trappings. So much safer for our pets!
Above all else, have a wonderful season. Here's hoping that Santa Paws will be very, very good to all our furkids.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Stuffed Husky Giveaway (HSHG) to Benefit Rescued Siberian Huskies

You could win me!
Just in time for the holidays! How would you like to ring in the New Year by taking home this adorable stuffed Siberian Husky named “Slush” for someone you love (or even for yourself?!) Well, you can! Phoenix Siberian Husky columnist for, Cameron Gillespie is holding a Holiday Stuffed Husky Giveaway (HSHG) fundraiser via her Facebook to benefit the beautiful rescued Sibes at Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue & Adoption (ASHRA)

For a donation in any amount, even as little as $1.00, Slush puppy could go home with you! And what better way to celebrate the holiday season than by helping homeless Huskies? Entry details below and on Cameron's Facebook page under the "Info" tab.

According to Cameron, the proceeds will benefit ASHRA. She describes "Slush" as: "adorable, 10" x 5" in size, and gray and white." $1.00 will get your name into the drawing ($2.00=2 names, $3.00=three names, etc.)

“We'd like to donate ALL money raised to the Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue & Adoption, Inc.,” notes Gillespie, who goes on to explain why she is doing the fundraiser. "For a less popular breed in Arizona, never once, NOT ONCE, have I walked the corridors of animal control and not seen a Sibe staring up at me...longing to go home. Though the awesome volunteers at ASHRA work hard to rescue these pups, provide them with medical care, foster them, adopt them, and help these babies in need anyway they can...they can only do so much with the limited funds they acquire! That's why we're asking for you to step in. Just $1.00 wont even purchase most cups of coffee now days....but take a look at the friends list number on this (Facebook) page. What if everyone just gave a dollar...just one. Wouldn't you save a Husky if you could?"

So, if you'd like to have your name put into Santa's hat (we sure did!) for the drawing on January 1, 2011, please send $1.00 (more if you choose) to:

c/o Runquist
PO BOX 44150
Phoenix, Az 85064


PayPal: CGillespie97(at)gmail(dot)com

Please note: If using PayPal, please indicate that payment is for HSHG, or Slush/Husky Donation. Notice will be left on your wall that your entry has gone into the hat.

And the fun does not stop there! There is also a *A BONUS Giveaway*! Yes, that's right - two ways to win a cute plush stuffie while helping beautiful homeless Siberian Huskies!

For everyone who makes a donation to the “Slush” Giveaway, if one of your friends enters the raffle, and gives your name, then you will go into a separate drawing for a plush "Mini Slush" Husky!!! (Example, anyone who finds out about the fundraiser from reading this blog column and enters, please state you heard about it from "FiveSibes" or "FiveSibesMom." If someone hears about it from you, then they would list your name and then you are automatically entered for the bonus drawing).
What better way to ring in the New Year than by helping some homeless Sibes and bringing a smile to someone’s face as they get to hug a “Slush” puppy?! So won’t you please help make some homeless Huskies happy this holiday season by making a donation, and then passing on the info to everyone you know? Send a note on each of your Christmas cards, tweet about it on Twitter! Post it on all of your social networking forums. It's for a great cause and you may even win "Slush" or "Mini Slush" for someone you love (even yourself!) 

The beautiful Sibes just waiting for a forever home at ASHRA woo their thank yous for participating! And...the winners may send me a photo of either a hu-family or K9-family member with the "Slushie" pups they won, and I'll be happy to post the photos on my blog at a later date! Good luck to all!!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Canine Cooking Corner" Recipe of the Week: Yogurt-Dipped Bones!

"Woooo...what's Hu-Mom making for us today???!!" The pups are ready!

Welcome back to Tuesday's "Canine Cooking Corner" blog hop with the FiveSibes! This week, we are featuring one of the Sibe's favorite treats, Yogurt-Dipped Bones. We saw these at an area fruit stand over the summer and the Sibes' loved them. They were going for $1.50 per large bone. So we decided to purchase the yogurt chips in bulk, as well as our furbabies' favorite crunchy-style bone, and make our own. Huge hit! This, of course, works well on homemade crunchy bones, too! Here's the recipe episode:

If you have a favorite recipe or treat for your canine companion, please join the hop and share! We love recipes and what furbaby does not love taste testing!?

Christmas and New Year's are fast approaching, do you whip up a special treat for your dog? If so, won't you share? Write about it on your blog, then grab the blog hop link below and add to your post, then add your name to the hop list. That's all there is to it! 

Over the next few Tuesdays, let's have our own version of a holiday canine "cookie party" for our best furry friends! Take some photos of them enjoying the treats (and if they are taste testing someone else's recipe, please be sure to include that cook's name and link to their blog) and post them on your site. Let's have some holiday foodie fun!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Teaser: Night Flurries

So many of our furpals have been enjoying that white fluffy stuff that my FiveSibes have been busy only dreaming about. Then, one recent night winter's first sparkling snow flurries began to fall from the Heavens, and excitement grew amongst the pack family. There was lots of wooing, running, and playing. They even stopped momentarily to close their eyes and feel the cool, wet flakes hit their happy furry faces. Here's a little slideshow of their nighttime fun:

Then almost as fast as it came to just slightly dust the ground, the snow stopped. But the excited anticipation of more snow still lingers on in the "kids" (even though we had a silly 40-degree heat wave and rain for two days). AND, we hear that snow showers are in the forecast for the next couple of days, so we my Husky babies all have their paws crossed for a White Christmas season. To our furpals out there who do have lots of snow, enjoy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have a Heart; Help a Husky

Nikko is patiently waiting for a forever home.

"Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog; but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog."  
--Douglas Mallock

There is an epidemic out there...too many Sibes, and dogs in general, are abandoned, neglected, and left homeless when owners move, get frustrated, or simply change their mind about having a Husky. Homeless, rescued Siberian Huskies are not inferior dogs. They are not bad dogs. Many once were purchased from breeders simply for their beauty, only to take the uneducated owner by surprise with their energetic (and sometimes destructive) Siberian Husky ways. 

Too many Huskies are turned in to shelters or become homeless because their owners did not research the breed to discover and understand that Siberian Huskies are “working” dogs, therefore, they are have a high-energy level and need to follow their natural instinct to run. They were, after all, bred for long-distance sledding. They need daily exercise. They enjoy socialization. They are not the type of dog to be cooped up in an apartment or kennel or crate all day. They will chew when bored, and that includes your nice leather sofa or designer shoes! Unfortunately, these are the things that ultimately wind up having these gorgeous dogs turned in to shelters and rescues. And sadly, many do arrive in poor health or neglected condition due to poor treatment from owners.

Rescue and foster parents are a dedicated group of animal lovers who give these canines a second chance at life and being loved. They offer the homeless Husky the best love, attention, and medical care they can give while relying on generous donations as they try to find these beautiful, social, and loving dogs a forever home.

Today, I want to highlight some awesome Sibes that are available for adoption or foster care through the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida. Please take a few minutes to watch this short slideshow featuring 13 of the Sibe stars who are looking for a Hu-family to give love and get love in return. (For best viewing, please watch in full-screen mode).

If you are interested in having one of these beautiful furbabies become part of your family, please contact the Rescue at (727) 391-8934. You can check out more information on the Sibe(s) of your choice and download an adoption application by visiting the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida website.

The president of the Rescue’s Board of Directors, who I’m told by one of the volunteers, not only fosters dogs, but also has five or six of her own (they lost count!), works outside the home, and drives all over Florida pulling dogs from death row. “She is truly amazing!!” I was told, and indeed she and all the volunteers who help Huskies are!

Here is a heartfelt message from the president and the Board: “We are in need of adopters at this time. So many Huskies are in need and we can only help if we have open foster homes for them. Currently we have 14 Huskies in rescue that need homes.  If you have room for another fur-kid, let us know. If you hear of anyone looking for a Husky, send them our way. You are our advertisers and we appreciate your help. In order to continue our positive growth and momentum, we need your participation. Come out to our events and say ‘hello.’  We could not function without your support.”

All of the dedicated Board members and hard-working volunteers at the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida also offer their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to “all of our volunteers and supporters for the generous donations to help both Nikko and Izzy with their heartworm treatments. Our goal was to raise $1000. In the end, we reached $1700! Truly amazing! We now can help several other Huskies in need.” They have reported that both Nikko and Izzy are recovering well from their treatments and, like the other foster Sibes, are truly ready for their loving forever homes! 

Won’t you consider adopting one of these beauties? You will be promised a lifetime of Husky hugs, kisses, and loyal canine companionship.

You can follow the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida on FaceBook to keep up-to-date on the Sibes available for adoption and fostering, and read about the many happy endings for previous Huskies and their new Hu-families. You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter by simply sending an E-mail to

So please, have a heart and help a Husky in need today. The never-ending love and dedication you will receive from the thankful Sibe will be the greatest reward of all.

Just Married with Coupons

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Canine Cooking Corner" Highlights Healthy K9 Recipe

Harley is eager to try the recipe!
Well, yes, it's Tuesday, which means it's time for the FiveSibes' "Canine Cooking Corner." However, this Husky household's kitchen is currently closed due to some renovations (which is making the Hu-Mom very, very happy!) 

So, while we will not be featuring a FiveSibes cooking video, we would like to keep on the topic of recipes. Below is a recipe I saw from Andrew Lewis, author at, from his book Dog Food Secrets. Sounds yummy to us! I'm sure this will be a 5-paws-up recipe!

Terrier Tuna, Egg & Cheese Supreme

1 can flaked tuna in oil, undrained          
2 eggs                                                   
1 c. whole meal breadcrumbs
1/4 c. grated cheese

  • Scramble eggs over low heat.
  • Add tuna in oil and breadcrumbs and stir together.
  • Melt cheese over mixture. 
  • Serve cooled.
Thanks, Andrew!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Licensed Sibes in the Car: Bark Buckle Up!

Gibson is proud of his Pet Safety Card.
Just in time for holiday travel, I'd like to once again talk about pet travel safety, expanding upon my original Be Smart Ride Safe post from October when we took "the Pledge" to continue buckling up our Sibes for safety. Today is a very important day in the FiveSibes' household. In the mail arrived all five of their driver's licenses. Well, actually, they are canine passenger Pet Safety Registration Cards. These cards look similar to our driver's licenses, and include a valid photo of our pet, as well as valuable information about our pets who travel with us. The cards are kept in the car's glove compartment.

An alert sticker is placed on the car's driver's side window to notify emergency personnel that this information is on board in case of an accident or other travel incident.  

Information listed on the card includes the pet's name, type, sex, breed, color, birthdate, weight, vet info, pet parent name and info, a friend's name and info, and a spot for important information such as if our pet requires specific medical attention or has a medical condition. On my Gibson's card, we have listed that he is an epileptic and requires specifically timed medications.

To sign up your pet for their very own free Pet Safety Kit, which includes the Pet Safety Card and window sticker, visit the Bark Buckle Up site and complete the online form. It's a very simple step to ensure the safety of our beloved pets. While you're there, be sure to link over to the Be Smart Ride Safe site and take "the Pledge."

Here are a few videos from the Pet Safety Lady on the proper ways to buckle-up your pet:

With the holiday shopping season upon us, while it is tempting to bring our pets along for the ride, let's leave them safely at home instead. In all of the hub-bub, they can get loose, escape from the car, become frantic with the busy cars and even busier shoppers, and wind up getting lost, injured, or killed. When traveling to visit family, be sure all pets are safe and happy passengers by buckling them up either with their own seat belt or in a crate. Their safety equals safety for all the passengers, both human and canine, as well as that of our fellow highway travelers. 

Here's to a very happy and safe holiday travel season!