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It's Our 2nd Blogiversary! To Celebrate, Let's Talk Teeth!

Today is a special day's our second Blogiversary! Wow! Time sure does fly when we are having fun! First up, the kids and I want to thank all of our Bloggerville, Facebook, and Twitter friends, both two-and four-legged, who read, follow, and share our blog! You guys are great, and it is so wonderful to be part of this amazing pet community! I enjoy reading your comments and visiting your blogs and reading about your beautiful furkids as well. It's a connection I hope we will share and enjoy for many years to come!  For today's topic, let's talk about teeth (just like I did for my very first blog post two years ago)! February is National Pet Dental Health Month and veterinarians may visit Pets Need Dental Care, Too site and order a free Pet Health Campaign Kit that includes reminder cards, oral health pet guides, and giveaways, so be sure to share the link with your vet!  While we should tend to our pet's dental health all year long, this month is a ver