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The Love Between A Boy and His Dog on a #FlashbackFriday

    "One of the greatest gifts we receive from dogs  is the tenderness they evoke in us."  ~Dean Koontz Today's #FlashbackFriday photo is a pretty recent one,  and a very special one from this past June. The joy it gives me to watch the amazing bond between my boy, Wolfie, and my grandson is something quite wonderful. (If you ask my grandson, Wolfie is his dog)! It just swells my heart with love and pride.    Wolfie, who once shared his life with a pack family of four other Siberian Huskies consisting of two littermates (Chloe and Bandit), an older sibling (Gibson), and an "adoptive" momma (Harley), has finally settled into his new life of being the solo Husky in our household. What helped him in what was a very devastating time and difficult transition to lone dog? The love and affection he received from my grandson.    I know dogs. I especially know MY dog. His whole demeanor changes when my grandson is around. Where my grandson goes, Wolfie wants to be there