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Gibson is a Model! Plus, His Daily Epi-Tip#18!

What a special day Gibson and I recently had! Here's my boy all decked out in his purple-for-K9-Epilepsy-Awareness bandana with Cara and Sharon, two of his favorite girls from our vet's office posing for their website portraits. We were so thrilled when Cara requested Gibson as her buddy for the portraits! Sure can not wait to see the final pictures! Looks like it's going to be a great photo! * * * * * And here's Gibson's with his Epi-Tip of the Day! I am posting a "Live Gib Strong" Epi-Tip each day for the month of November for National Epilepsy Awareness Month in the hopes that we can help to continue to educate and inform people about dogs living full, happy lives with Canine Epilepsy. To read our original post that has more info on a delicious "Gibbie Snacks" House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits Giveaway that will also benefit Epi-dogs, as well as a link to our very special "The Sibe Sibe" Dog Works Radio episode feat