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November Epilepsy Awareness Month: Epi-Star: EMMA, the OG of Canine Epilepsy Awareness

Epi-Star, Emma       by Dorothy Wills-Raftery    A Tribute to a Special Dalmatian  K9 Epilepsy Awareness Trailblazer   As part of November's Epilepsy Awareness Month , and my series on "Epi-Star" dogs with Epilepsy (Epi-dogs), I want to give a nod to, and talk about, a trailblazing dog that advocated for Epi-dogs. One of the first resource people I came in contact with after my Gibson was diagnosed as an Epi-dog in 2009, was Marion Mitchell and her story of her beloved "Emma," a beautiful Dalmatian that was also an Epi-dog, diagnosed in 1994 at just 15 months of age. Through all the trials and tribulations, medications, and quest for alternative treatments, Emma was able to climb mountains, including a "14,000' mountain" with her family, swim, and go on camping trips.    Marion and Emma showed that dogs with Epilepsy can still enjoy life.     As her hu-mom, Marion, is quoted in her Cybermesa blog dated July4, 1998: " Wonderful news Emma got