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A Sibe Stroll Down Holiday Lane

S eason's Greetings! We here in the FiveSibes' household hope everyone had a wondrous and magical Christmas day! Recently, (before today's snowstorm), during one of our outings to the vet, Gibson stopped along the way to share a few moments with some of the Christmas characters that are visiting our front lawn this year and we thought we'd to share them with you all.  Blending in with the polar bears! Sharing a laugh with the Red Baron himself, Snoopy! Conferring with the sled dogs on who is going to be lead dog. Ready to go! Just hanging out with Santa Paws and Rudy. Discovering that Rudolph's nose really does glow! W e sure hope you enjoyed this stroll with Gibson down Holiday Lane! Stay safe and enjoy this last week of the holidays, and 2010!