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Dog Days of...Spring???

Well, it's not quite the "dog days of summer," which, if you have a Sibe in your family, summer is not really the season of dog days, winter is...but, anyhow, here on the East Coast it's been pretty warm, reaching 90 during the day, and only dropping down to 60 at night. We didn't really have a true spring yet, so the temps do this drastic one-day-it's-40, the-next-it's-90 kind of jump. No gradual temps here. While the warmer weather is nice for the Hu-family, it is always a challenge to keep our Sibe kids cool. Of course for our big wooly Sibe boy, Gibson, we keep an extra eye on him so he doesn't overheat and have a seizure (he is the epileptic and runs way warmer than the other four clocking in at 113 pounds!). He gets one of the cool waterbeds in his kennel; the rest will as we get closer to summer, but since he runs really warm, he gets his a little earlier. His routine includes checking out all the rooms to see if it's cooler on the floor und