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Oh No! We Sprung A Leak!

Rot-ohhhh.... As many of you know, Gibson is an Epi-dog and a wooly-coated Siberian Husky, so to keep him cool, he has a therapeutic water bed. While he's rehabbing from his Christmas Eve injury , his pack family loves to be around him and sometimes the girls Harley and Chloe share his water bed. Very sweet, however, the bed is only meant for an 80-pound dog, Gib is 95, plus Harley at 48 pounds and Chloe at 60...needless to say, tonight it popped a seam! Poor Gib, I had to dry up the floor under the water bed and his regular bed had become wet as a I patted that down and wrapped it in a towel. Now Gibson is snoozing, but he wants his water bed! Luckily, it only takes a few days to have a new one shipped! I typically have a backup on hand, but since he ate the filler cap off the new one, this one was the back up! Poor guy...his expression in the photo above just says it all!