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Father's Day Spa Day!

Tub time for Wolf! Happy Father's Day to all Dads of human children and furkids! We hope your day is very special! Here at FiveSibes, the Huskies not only celebrated the day with their super (p)awesome Hu-Dad with some ice cream cake, but it was also "Spa Day" here! Our groomer came to our house, and with the assistance of my son-in-law, gave our pups a good  blow out, brushing, and bath just in time for summer! Our yard sure looked as if we had some sudden snow "furries!" A few birds even swooped down while the Huskies were being blown out and snatched up some of the precious Husky fur for their nests! Now those will be some very comfy and warm nests for their babies for sure! Following their spa treatment, they snoozed inside in the cool house for a bit before joining the family for some delicious dairy-fresh vanilla ice cream! Here's a photo essay highlighting their day!   Wolf enjoyed the blow out! Bye-bye undercoat!   H