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Thoughts of Sweet Chloe on Her Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

    Flashback ~ Sweet Pupster "Chloe" ~ 2018 It's so hard to believe that our pupster, Chloe, our sweet, always happy, chatterbox of a Husky, has been gone for two years this week. So much here has changed since then, including the loss of Harley and Chloe's sis, Bandit, a move, and a new little human. Chloe was the sweetest. She would not even harm a fly. Seriously. She was also my resident model pup as she was always up for a photoshoot! Like this pic, a good friend, "Auntie Holly" sent this awesome custom FiveSibes snowflake to us one Christmas and I wanted to take a photo. Who was up to pose? Our sweetie was!    She loved my grandson, who just a baby, and food. Oh, Coco Puff and her food! Her internal clock knew exactly when it was breakfast and dinner time, and if she even sniffed a treat, she would woo, and talk, and bark (and yes, some Huskies can bark!) Chloe was actually my daughter's Husky, and helped each other through some difficult times. Sw