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Bewitching Wednesday Fun: Which Witch is Whose Witch?

  Treat Time! Stuffed squeaky witches for all!!! Woooo!   Chloe's keeping hers close and staying up on the chair. Harley took the purple one...   Bandit and Wolf tug over a green one...   Bandit won...for now...   Wolf's eyeballing Gibson's green witch, apparently he doesn't like purple!   "This is MY witch." "I love you, little bro, but NO, you can not have my green witch!" Wolf got Bandit's green one and destroyed it in 0.5 seconds! Gib's protecting his. Gibson is safely keeping his witch very close by. Hope everyone's Halloween was a fun and safe one filled with lots of treats! Now we are in a new month with lots of fun things to do and look forward to. Happy November!!!