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#FlashbackFriday Moment: Bandit, the Toy Thief

   Flashback ~ Bandit ~ 2016   “A Smile Is Happiness You’ll Find  Right Under Your Nose.” ~Tom Wilson     Oh, sweet Bandit. Given her name as a puppy, little did we know how well-suited of a moniker it was for her! Bandit was first, a very fast Husky, and for sure the best at toy thievery! As soon as one of the other FiveSibes turned their backs on a toy--for even a moment--she would dash in and snatch it, adding it to her pile under and around her! Miss you, Bee!   ♥︎ Memories are Visits for the Heart. ♥︎     The Linky tool will open all week for you to join us in the Blog Hop and share pics from yesteryear or yesterday, include our badge and *link back to us*, and  be sure to hop along and visit the other blogs and don't forget to leave a nice comment!  Happy Friday!            our Home Page and Don't Forget to Visit Our Other Pages, including Our #LiveGibStrong On-Line K-9 Epilepsy Resource Page. Just click on "More" Pages at top of blog.