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Shine On In Your Silver Harnesses on This Longest Night

These beautiful personalized candles are lit for my beloved FiveSibes: Harley, Gibson, Wolf, Bandit, and Chloe on this Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year—the official beginning of Winter, a Siberian Husky's favorite season! The story is told that when our beloved Siberian Huskies and sled dogs journey to north of the Rainbow Bridge, upon their welcome, they receive a beautiful Silver Harness. This special harness frees them of their earthly pain, and allows them to run across those forever snowy fields healthy and free and happy again, with the Northern lights dancing above them.    I have a special bond with my own five that has a direct link to snow and rainbows and me, a quick unexpected snow squall means they are near, having some amazing snow zoomies up in the heavens, stopping abruptly to send down a heavy squall to say hello, and just sometimes, they will shine a rainbow in my direction or a zoom by in a fleeting shape in the clouds