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Happy Howl-o-ween! K9 & Feline Pumpkin Stencils & #FiveSibes Safety Tips!

  BooooWooooooo! It's that spooktacular time of  year ~ Howl-o-ween. Today's #FlashbackFriday is a nod to our #FiveSibes Halloweens of the past circa 2011 - 2013, including two pumpkins I used stencils to carve out a Husky on. I think they came out pretty good! Above is our alpha queen "Harley" and next to her in the middle of my family's carved jack o'lanterns, is my running Husky pumpkin. And below with Chloe is my Siberian Husky head. Now, I am not the most creative pumpkin carver, but I sure did have fun. I cannot believe these were 10 years ago now. If you like carving pet images into pumpkins, the Stencil info is below, and the stencil I used for the running Husky is PumpkinGraphic8. I'm also including stencils for our furfriends in of other breeds and our cat pals, too! So be sure to scroll down for links to the pumpkin carving stencils!   I have to send a "thank woo" to Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue ( who have now closed) fo

Thinking of Bandit on Her 2nd 🌈Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

  Oh, were our beautiful, wild, crazy, love-to-lick-your-face, stealer of toys, alpha-wannabe, and a self-appointed "lapdog" (oh, the nights she made herself comfy, never mind me, as long as she was comfy!)  Our Siberian Husky, Bandit (a/k/a "BandaBear" and "Bee") earned her furangel wings two years ago now. (To read her good-bye story, you can visit HERE ). It is still so hard to believe as she was our hearty, healthy, strong one of the Pupster. Her collapsing so suddenly like her big brother Gibson years earlier, from hemangiosarcoma, is still a shock. She had just had surgery five months earlier to remove a large lump inside her mouth and had recuperated beautifully. I always expected her to be our last of the FiveSibes standing of the Pupsters...but it was not to be.  Bee was always a great dog, a little possessive of toys at times (she totally fit her moniker of Bandit as she was the toy thief, but when you'd call her out on it, &quo

#FlashbackFriday: Gibson's Purple Pumpkin!

#FlashbackFriday Photo ~ Harley & Gibson ~ October 2014 Woo! It's that time of year again...Howloween! And while we're busy carving and painting pumpkins, don't forget to make one PURPLE! By now, most of you have heard me talk about the Purple Pumpkin Project and how it brings awareness to those who have Epilepsy. As a Purple Day® for (K9) Epilepsy Ambassador since 2012, I have always advocated for dogs living with Canine Epilepsy, inspired by my own Epi-dog, Gibson. So when the Purple Pumpkin Project came about, we jumped right on that hay wagon!  The purpose is that on Halloween, the eve of November's Epilepsy Awareness Month , when families are busy trick-or-treating or hosting parties, that among the orange jack-o-lanterns, have a purple one so folks who come by will ask about it. In our case, it would be "Why is Gibson's pumpkin purple?" To which I reply, "Because he is living with Canine Epilepsy." And that will then open up conversa