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New KyJen Dog Games Beats Canine Boredom!

Gibson is keeping this toy all to himself! KyJen did it again! They've come up with some  great puzzles to not only keep our dogs busy, but challenge their mind and skills too! We received two new totally "pawsome" dog games from KyJen to review, their super cool Moon Rover Rescue Ball where the object is for our fupal to try and get the squeaky blue moon rover toys from rolling around inside the larger six inch blue rubber ball. It's very challenging! ( Shh...I gave Gi b a little h elp!) It 's price is right around the $19.99 range, and defin itely worth it for the hours of fun entertainment it provides! Gibson really love s playing with this "ball !" He is our resident puzzle expert and he rose to the challenge with great interest! To add a little more fun, I added a treat. The funny part, Gib was way more interested in getting the rover out than the treat!   Yes! That squeaky rover does fit in that ball! As you will see from the video be