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Gibson Just Chillin' on #FlashbackFriday!

Summer 2015 FiveSibes Flashback ~ My boy, Gibson   Oh, my sweet boy Gibson...unbeknownst to me at the time, this was to be his last summer here was with us. Oh, how Gib loved the pool! And, when he wasn't splashing around with the rest of the FiveSibes, he loved to just chill poolside in front of the fan! This particular morning, I was enjoying a cup of coffee out on the deck, with Gibbie lying by my feet. Even now, when I close my eyes, I can still feel his weight and soft wooly fur upon my toes, and I smile for awhile at the dear memory.   "Looking at old photographs brings back memories and makes us feel nostalgic; it is like time machine bringing us to the time and places where we can see and feel everything in details." ~Author Unknown         You're a Blog Hop!     Come join us each week and share your fave Memory Lane pics from yesteryear or yesterday! Simply grab our badge, be sure to link to us, join the linky list below so others can