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A Pawcircle of Prayer for Furpal "The Mighty Quinn"

Our beautiful fellow Epi-furpal, The Mighty Quinn of the White Dog Army , is really in need of our support and prayers after a devastating bout of seizures he was recently hospitalized for. While he is back home, Quinn, a warrior in this war against Canine Epilepsy, is having a rough time rebounding. Our thoughts are with Quinn, his hu-parents, and the White Dog Army. Please join us here at the FiveSibes in a pawcircle of prayer, hope, and healing to send Quinn's way. If you can, please stop over to leave your comments and support for Quinn and family on the White Dog Army's blog . And join us in raising our paws, hands, and voices to sing him his anthem to bring him our love and strength, and "you'll not see nothing like The Mighty Quinn." Stay strong, our friend.