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How Many Sleeping Sibes Do You See?

  FiveSibes #Flashback ~ Circa 2014   Can you count how many FiveSibes are in this picture?  One is a little hidden!    This is typically how my living room looked whenever I walked in! Sometimes, every seat would be taken! I sure do miss these days.  No one told me how fast a decade and a half would fly by...   While I miss my FiveSibes desperately, seeing these moments frozen in time brings me right back, and leaves a smile on my face and my heart filled with love.   Enjoy those moments. Take those photos. Feel blessed to have so much love and to love so much. They are not in our lives nearly long enough, but surely long enough to fill our hearts.      💛 Memories Are Visits For the Heart 💛     ~ J O I N  U S! ~       The Linky tool will open all week for you to join us in the Blog Hop and share pics from yesteryear or yesterday! Please include our badge and *link back to us*, and  be sure to hop along down Memory Lane with us and visit the other blogs. Don't forget to l