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A Birthday Fit For a Queen - Happy 11th Birthday, Harley!

Today, March 10th, is a very special day here at FiveSibes homestead, it's our pack's alpha queen Harley's 11th Birthday! Eleven years ago today this gorgeous girl came into our lives as my daughter's best friend, stole all our hearts, and have brought us so much joy! I can remember the drive home after we picked her was a pouring rain outside when we went to check her out. My daughter had wanted a Siberian Husky for a very long time, and when she turned 17, and after years of caring for our adopted dog, Chelsey, and dwarf bunny, Sugar, we decided the time was right for her to pick out her own dog, her Husky. Once back in the car, cuddled in my daughter's arms, we began to make the trip back home, when this little black and white fluff ball with bright blue eyes climbed up my daughter's shoulders and made herself comfy in the back window of our car and slept all the way home!  Harley is gorgeous, strong, sassy, and (too) smart! She has fully accept