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Update on Wolf and a Thank You Note

Wolf went in today for his second post-surgical visit. He is healing well...and he had some of the stitches removed! Next week the rest will come out! I have now removed his E-collar (much to his happiness!) and his leg is now healing bandage-free! (He has a sock on it when going out to protect the stitches). He's now resting (and enjoying all the extra attention!) I have to say that I am very glad I made the decision to have the papillomas removed, only to find out that he had those lumps underneath. If you missed the post, you can check out my "Wolf is Home From Surgery" post for details and photos. My purpose for posting them is so if anyone sees these types of growths on their dog, have it checked out right away! They never bothered him or caused him any pain, but over a six-month period they did multiply in size and quantity, which is why I had him rechecked by our vet. Under all that fur, the hidden lumps could not be detected until he was shaved for surgery. For t