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#FlashbackFriday: We All Woo for Ice Cream!

  Flashback Photo ~ Bandit & Wolfie ~ 2019   "The best time for ice cream is always." ~Unknown    My FiveSibes--Harley, Gibson, Wolfie, Chloe, and Bandit--always loved ice cream and always seemed to sense when I brought some home as a special hot weather treat for them. Their birthday cakes I made with all-natural vanilla ice cream and crushed dog cookies. But the thing about my Huskies and ice cream I loved the most was how they would come together and share even the smallest lick off a spoon. No growling. No snarling. Just five heads smooshed together with five tongues flicking away at the bowl, cup, cone, or spoon of vanilla ice cream! To this very day, Wolfie still loves that yummy ice cream! I mean, just like the quote says, always is the best time for ice cream! ( Note: All five of my dogs shared one small ice cream, and it was always all-natural or dairy fresh vanilla. *Some dogs have a dairy intolerance, so only give if you know they can eat dairy, and also only