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Goodbye To Our #FiveSibes Beautiful Bandit ~ Love You Always, Sweet Bee

I certainly did not expect to be writing this at this point in time...a heartbreaking memorial for our beautiful girl, Bandit. We've been enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather in our new house in a new town that has been filled with engaging walks with Bandit and brother Wolfie filled with exciting exploration of the surrounding nature's beauty, new neighbors, and new doggie friends. Both Bandit and Wolf adjusted so well.  A recent portrait I love of Bandit and Wolfie in our backyard my daughter took.   Buddies...Bandit & my grandson!   Today, a glorious Autumn day filled with falling leaves and a crispness to the air, Bandit and Wolf were watching my toddler grandson--the pupsters' very best and favorite human--play with his trains out on the deck. But our day suddenly took a fast and heartbreaking turn before the sun set. Our sweet Bee (one of our many nicknames for our girl, Bandit!), who along with her brother Wolf, would be turning 13 this January so while our Pup