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Sweet Sunday

Today, Bandit accompanied me on a visit to see my 92-year-young mother. An animal parent and lover her whole life, she really enjoys visits with one of my FiveSibes! I've been working with Bandit (who is almost completely deaf) on communicating with hand signals and positive reinforcement to help prepare her for eventual classes. I hope to work with her so one day she can become a therapy dog. With her energy level, a job is something that would be really good for her. And she is such a contrast - super hyper, super patient, and super loving! Watching her with my Mom, who is crippled from severe arthritis, is so amazing. She is calm and so gentle, offering Mom periodic kisses! Such a wonderful visit indeed! It's only been a few years that Mom can no longer have one living with her, and she truly misses it. I love how her face lightens up when I come for a visit with usually either Bandit or Wolf. Bandit even spent a little time people watching through Hu-Nanny's