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Gibson's 6th Rainbow Bridge Anniversary: My Boys Together Again

 My gorgeous wooly boys,  brothers Gibson and Wolfgang Today is Gibson's 6th Rainbow Bridge anniversary . He is now reunited with his whole FiveSibes pack family. Pictured here is one of my favorite photos I shot of my boys together. Oh, how Gibson loved snow! He would lay outside upside down with his "parts" the heavens just to feel the coolness of fresh falling snow. A true snow dog, I know he is loving running free and eating all the snow he desires...with his little brother Wolfgang right by his side. With Wolfie having just journeyed to north of the Rainbow Bridge on December 4th, I thought it was fitting to remember my beautiful wooly boys, now together forever, with the other three running right beside them. Named for Gibson, visit our #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Online Library & Resource Center for important info & links. Dear G: Ah, Gibson, my big fluffy heart dog, even with epilepsy, your lived life to the fullest! You LOVED life more than any dog I'