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Annabelle's Rescue Story

Annabelle Have you read Annabelle's Story ? You must, but be forewarned, have the tissues handy. This story was posted today on our FiveSibes™ Facebook page by a fellow Husky lover and follower, and it has touched me deeply.  Annabelle, this beautiful red and white Husky, had one of the worst beginnings in life, including being run over by a car and left to heal without medical attention - and at the hands of her owners! That is until a thoughtful and compassionate neighbor stepped in to save her.  She is now safely with the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue who as you will read in the Annabelle's Story link above, have nursed her back to health, including an amputation. Even as a new tri-pawd, Annabelle is loving and happy and energetic. She will always need to be an inside dog, but has much love to share. Angels Among Us Pet Rescue states she requires another surgery, but they truly need some help. Here is their Facebook page and a Chip-In link for Annabelle that I'm h

Congratulations to the Winner of our Gibson's Birthday Book Giveaway!

Personalized with a Gibbie kiss! Woooo! The Rafflecopter has selected the winner of our Gibson's Birthday Book Giveaway - Marcia G. B. ! We have sent you an Email with instructions on how to receive your personalized copy of the first book in our FiveSibes™ Tales - What's Wrong With Gibson? Learning About K-9 Epilepsy . Please feel free to send us pics of you and your furpals reading the book so we can post on our blog, FiveSibes Facebook page , and Twitter !  Woos and Congratulations, Marcia!  And thank you to everyone who participated! a Rafflecopter giveaway <a href="">You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.