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We Must Never Lose Our Humanity

Humanity. Humane. Humans. According to , a definition of humanity is, " the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence." Humanity is the state of being humane. Being humane is what makes us human. And humans are capable of great love...for each other and for all living creatures...including sled dogs. The shocking recent news from a British Columbia CTV News Report about the horrific fate 100 hard-working, innocent, and healthy sled dogs faced last April when they were allegedly slaughtered and dumped into a mass grave, some still alive, has spread like wildfire across the globe, disgusting and horrifying the masses. Myself included. It is beyond reason to me how something like this could occur, especially in this day and age. Help is literally just a keystroke away. How many of us have seen, and in returned "shared" or "retweeted" or "linked" information in the hopes of helping others - most of whom we have never ev