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Newsy Tuesday: Celebrating First Donation to Save Our Siberians-Siberspace Rescue Fund, And A Tribute to a Husky Friend

  Woo! We are so excited to announce that we have now been able to send off our first donation check in the amount of $50 to the Save Our Siberians ~ Siberspace Rescue Fund from sales of my second FiveSibes Tale, Getting Healthy With Harley: Learning About Health & Fitness!   Barb Branham of the SOS-SRF shared these wonderful photos of her beautiful Huskies who are howling their thanks for the donation to help Huskies in need! "Jolie" is howling a happy "thank woo" and looking forward to it helping Huskies in need through the SOS-SRF! "Shaka" is very pleased! Epi-dog "Sabre" and "Jolie" thank everyone who purchased Getting Healthy With Harley and hopes more will buy this fun book children's book so SOS-SRF can received more donation checks to help more Huskies in need!   The Save Our Siberians - Siberspace Rescue Fund (SOS-SRF) is an organization that, according to their