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Happy Birthday, Hu-Dad!

For our Hu-Dad ...who gives us love and treats, and literally builds a roof over our head so the icky rain doesn't touch our precious Siberian Husky fur when we lounge out on the deck.   For our Hu-Dad ...who pets us as we take over the living room floor, couch, chairs, bed, everywhere!  For our Hu-Dad ...who never flinches at our vet bills (okay, maybe he winces a bit).    For Hu-Dad who...fixes all our messes (we did not chew the deck rails, windowsills, kitchen cabinet corners, bottom of chairs, or the cookbooks - that was Gibbie! - Okay, maybe we three Pupsters had something to do with the windowsills...and maybe the deck rails...and okay, maybe we took a few chomps on the bottom of the chairs...but the cookbooks  were all Gibson)!  For our Hu-Dad ...who runs out at the midnight hour when Hu-Mom suddenly realizes we may be low on food (sorry, Hu-Mom, but sometimes you do!).    For our Hu-Dad who...makes sure the air conditioners are in and up and