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#FiveSibes Lovebirds Valentine Flashback & Simple Ways to Shower Your Dog with Love!

February 2015 FiveSibes Flashback: "Will you accept this rose?" Our #FiveSibes "married" couple ~ Gibson & Harley Welcome to the month of love! Ah, yes, love. Poets and authors write about it. Singers croon about it. Artists create visions of it. While every day is a day for showing our pets how much we love them, February is a time to celebrate that love with Valentine’s Day on February 14 and Love Your Pet Day on February 20! Today's FiveSibes Flashback Friday is in honor of Valentine's Day and love of our Huskies, in particular our romantically sweet lovebirds, (now furangel) Gibson and his absolute once-in-a-lifetime love, Harley, as featured in these adorable photos from 2012 and 2015. My article is a reprint, originally published in 4Knines February 2017. Enjoy, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!   While we can certainly count the many ways our beloved dogs love us and we love them, here’s a few ways of showering our canine best