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Be Careful of Flower Power

  WARNING! That Hyacinth may smell good, but it's TOXIC if ingested by your pet.     In parts of the world, April showers do indeed bring May flowers, and it’s those very same flowers we have to be careful with around our pets. While spring is the time for sprucing up the yard and planting in the garden, this yearly ritual for some outdoor enthusiasts, it’s good to keep in mind to exercise some caution along with that green thumb. The pretty azaleas and peonies and hyacinths that line our properties are also extremely toxic if our pets ingest them.      " Tulips ,  Hyacinths  and  Irises  are all considered toxic to both dogs and cats, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and drooling if ingested.  All parts of the plants contain toxins and can cause issues for your pets, but the toxins are most concentrated in the bulbs of the plant—making the bulb the most dangerous part." ~ASPCA     With Easter being a spring holiday, please beware of friends bearing lilies. Thos