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September is Disaster Preparedness Month ~ Are You and Your Pets Prepared? Tune in for the ASPCA's Google+ Hangout Hosted by Ginger Zee of "Good Morning America"

--> Wolf and the FiveSibes ask, "Do you have a plan?" No one wants to think about something as horrific and scary as a disaster, ranging from fires to floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, lightning storms, explosions, and other accidents that may involve your pets. But we have to ask: Do you have an exit strategy? What if something happens and you cannot get home to your pet, do you have a designated caregiver? Do you have an emergency evacuation plan in place? How about an emergency kit? A list of pet-friendly shelters you and your family can go to? Do you have a water and food supply? Are your pets collars and leashes ready to go? What about if your pet has special needs and medications? While we hope we never have to initiate a Pet Disaster Preparedness Plan or ever use an Emergency Kit, it is such an important subject and one we would like to address in partnership with the ASPCA for September's Disaster Preparedness Month, a