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#FiveSibes Huskies Star in "Rev Me Up" Music Video on #FlashbackFriday!

#FlashbackFriday ~ Our Harley's Gorgeous Eyes  & All FiveSibes Star in  Nancy Simmonds Music Video ~ February 6, 2015   This week's flashback will always be a very special highlight and very proud moment for me and my was when "The Dog Singer" a/k/a Nancy Simmonds, released The Husky Dog song, also known as "Rev Me Up" and she created a music video to accompany it that starred my FiveSibes: Harley, Gibson, Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit via my photographs of them! Talk about feeling honored! My pups were music video stars! Woooo! Such a thrill. I'll always love that the were in this video about the magnificient Siberian Husky breed. Nancy was also a guest on a 2014 episdoe of my show, "The Sibe Vibe" on Dog Works Radio where she discussed her music and record company. It was a phenomenal show. She worked alongside another favorite singer of mine, Allanah Miles (remember her awesome song "Black Velvet" from 1989? Loved it.)