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Caring for Dogs in Their Golden Years

    It seems as if suddenly the spray of gray whiskers appear on your dog’s muzzle, and his/her hearing is not as sharp. Your dog’s vision clouds as they start to slow down in their daily play and walks.  As hard as it is to accept, your beloved dog is now a senior!  As a dog ages, there are some changes to their care that will  help them enjoy their  golden years filled with love .  It is important to remember that  aging is not a one-size-fits-all-dogs thing . While one dog at six may start getting fussy over food, another at eight may be stiff and slowing down, while a dog at 12 may still enjoy physical activity.   Hindy Pearson , a certified dog trainer, dog behavior consultant, and pet loss grief support coach who is the founder behind , stresses to  “Pay attention to any changes in behavior or anything physical that you notice, no matter how small, because it seems like a lot of people tend to assume that ‘my dog is getting older so that’s expected