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All Aboard! Today Our Blog Book Tour Makes Two Stops!

Gibson is so happy his book is helping others! Today, we are so excited to bring you to our next two stops on our FiveSibes™ Tale: What's Wrong With Gibson? Learning About K-9 Epilepsy Book Release Blog Tour! First stop is the Don't Mess With My TuTu: Two Doggy Divas Journey Through Life . We are so honored to be part of their "Thorsday," which is held in honor of the late Thor, a "gentledog giant" (you can read all about him in the blog)...what a sweet way to pay tribute to a furpal and we are happy to be part of his special weekly day.   We are also so happy to be part of Gretchen and Sissy's mama's blog - our second stop is over at Chan Knits, where she also talks about how Canine Epilepsy has touched their lives.   Gretchen, today's Book Tour hostess! We had so much fun answering their questions and are so pleased they joined us in spreading awareness of Canine Epilepsy. A special "woo" and "thank you" goes out to