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When the Sun is Shining on a Flashback Friday!

Wow! The saying "time flies" sure does apply here with our FiveSibes Flashback Friday 's! Looking back, the last time I posted one was eight months ago in December, four days before Gibson, my Epi-Husky who also suffers from weak hind end issues (as a result of his Epi-meds), slipped and fell on a patch of snow-covered ice Christmas Eve and went lame and scared not only me, but himself this time as wel l. He was in pain. His fighting spirit lost. His spark gone (story HERE ). At the time, I needed to step back away from blogging to help my boy rehabilitate, which was a tough and uncertain road for him. He began a slow, long process of healing via Conservative Care with a stability leg brace, lift harness, bed rest, meds, vitamin supplements, massage, and in-home laser treatments. Gibson's rehabilitation has been a slow process, but as days turned into weeks, his fighting spirit and spark returned. With every positive step he took, he reveled in his praise from