FiveSibes Blog & #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Resource Library Wins "Excellence" Award!

I believe Wolfie knew just how important this medal was; and so glad I have this photo to share my most recent exciting news!      A Drum Roll Please... I'm so very honored ~ and proud ~ to announce that my FiveSibes blog and #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Online Resource Library has been awarded the coveted Dog Writers association of America's  (DWAA) Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence!"  Wow!!! This truly means so much to me.  So very proud of this award.  To view the Blog visit here: FiveSibes (Click on More up top for Pages, including About the Siberian Husky Breed, Rescues, Lost & Found Info, Transport Info, Our ArcticHouse Bookstore & Gift Shoppe, and the #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Online Resource Library, Gift Guides, Epi-Star Stories, and much more. can go directly to the  K9 Epilepsy Online Resource Library here: #LiveGibStrong   And very proud of this nomination...   While my "Keep Us Cool" poster featuring my boy, Wolfie, did not win,

#WaitingWednesday Spotlight: Ranch Cucamonga Animal Center

Read more about beautiful Tyra, Jax , Sierra, and several other gorgeous Huskies further down in this post and how you can adopt them from today's highlighted rescue~ Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center !         Welcome back to our FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday posts where we highlight rescues and feature some of their adoptable dogs and dogs waiting for a foster home! We here at FiveSibes will continue to periodically post Siberian Huskies and northern breed dogs who are in need of loving homes while also highlighting the rescue they are at.  It is FiveSibes hope that you will SHARE these posts  to give attention to the rescue and help find  forever loving homes for these precious dogs. This week, our featured rescue is the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center ! Be sure to scroll down to see some of their beautiful adoptable Huskies and Husky mixes!   Organization Contact Information Rancho Cucamonga (RC) Animal Center 11780 Arrow Route Rancho Cucamonga , CA 91730 Phone Numb

Puppy Power on a #MerryMemeMonday!

Meet fluffy beautiful pup" Kylo" who was all ready to take on The Blowdryer! Many thanks to Monique Thom of Ms Crafty Creatures (you have to check out her amazing arts and crafts featuring beautiful dog creations (including northern breeds, of course)  for her awesome photo, and to our caption winner, Carl D. Bromberg, for his perfect caption that received the most votes on our   FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page !       Do you have a Photo That Would Make a Great Meme?  ( It does need to somehow feature a northern breed dog, whether you have one, or have your dog pose with a real one, or even a stuffie! )   We Want Your Photo to Feature in our Fun FiveSibes Merry Meme Caption Contest! I mean, who couldn't use some fun and smiles these days?! Be Creative and Get Snapping!   We are also joining in the Comedy Plus' "Awww Monday " because this photo is very "awww!"    Back to our Home Page and Our Other Pages, inud

Reflection on a #FlashbackFriday

FiveSibes Flashback ~ Wolfie ~ Autumn 2021 "Transitions are a time for reflection, and a time for looking forward." ~Roy Cooper   I came across this photo today of Wolfie's beautiful face and it's reflection in our glass patio table, and it was a complete surprise. I was scrolling through the PhotoBooth App on my laptop that I have not used in a couple of years, and to be honest, forgot I even had, only to discover a few pics of my grandkids and my boy Wolfie. To the left of Wolfie (off screen) are my grandchildren, smiling and eating ice cream, with my boy right beside them (and most likely waiting for his fair share of ice cream)!  As I have mentioned before, being the last of my beloved FiveSibes standing did not agree with Wolfie's nature. He missed his pack family desperaetely. Thankfully, after a long period of grief, he bonded with my two young grandchildren, adopting (I believe) them as his new pack family as he was always by their side or at the very leas