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Gift Guide: (Toy) Huskies to Buy for the Howlidays!

Woo! It's the holiday season! And what's Christmas or a winter holiday without toys? I have often been asked here at FiveSibes about my collection of Siberian Husky stuffies over the years...and if you're a Husky-loving family, I bet you have at least a few stuffed Husky toys around the house for your own kiddos and grandkiddos, maybe kids you babysit for, and I know you have some, too! (I sure do!)  We've all seen the recent news reports that we need to shop early due to insane delivery delays, and there are even Black Friday sales going on all the time now, so now is the time to think holiday gifts. Plus, I know my grandkids (and adults!) are making up their holiday wish lists as I type this; so for all my Husky-loving followers, how about a cute Siberian Husky stuffie toy for that special someone or somedog on your list? (Shelter dogs love presents, too! While most of these are for human gift-giving, do see our special Dog Husky Gifts section below for some lucky

Indoor "Snowstorm" With Five Festive Penguins on a FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday

  #FlashbackFriday ~ Christmas 2010 ~ "Bandit"    "Woo. Mom...did you say Santa Paws brought us stuffies?!"  asked Bandit with such a pretty innocent face.   As I was looking at my old photos while writing this post, I can in my mind go right back to this Christmas from a dozen years ago now. And, oh, it sure does make me smile. What stands out the most in mind from that Christmas was two things. First, I was pretty excited feeling like and elf shopping for gifts from  "Santa Paws" for them in our local store. As I wheeled the cart around, filling it with squeaky toys and stuffies - five of each - and then treats and goodies - five of each - I felt, well, as elated as I did two years before when it was their first Christmas together as the FiveSibes. Some days I had to pinch myself to be sure it was all true. How lucky was I?!   I selected the toys, which included adorable stuffed holiday penguins complete with cute little Santa hats and red bow ties (t

One Year Later: I Miss You, My Wolfie 💙

FiveSibes Wolfgang White Wolf of Mystic Mountain “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ~ Thomas Campbell    One year. One full year. 365 days. How is it possible that my baby boy of the FiveSibes is no longer with me? I can still hear his woos and feel his soft silky white fur between my fingers as he lay next to me (hogging up the bed!). I always said he was my "teenager," as he loved to sleep in!   How is that all of my FiveSibes are all furangels now? Time is so surreal and fleeting. While we are in the middle of happiness, time just rolls on by. Yesterday, we were all together, laughing, wooing, and playing together, the future so far away. They were running like the wind across our yard, zoomies in unison, with Bandit "Husky surfing" across Gibson's back. Harley taking off with the Fetch ball and playing until all the others, myself included were sitting down exhausted, she still wanting to play again, and again, and again! The three Pupsters-

The Special Bond Between A Boy Pup and His Momma

  FiveSibes Flashback ~ December 2018   Our alpha queen, Harley, the "momma" to our pupsters, was always so amazing with them. While not their mother by blood, she stepped into the role as if she was born to it. She ruled the FiveSibes as a strong alpha female, but also was so gentle and loving to the pupsters since they arrived to our home, all three of them, at the young age of 12 weeks old. It was a barrel of fun, and quite chaotic at times, but the joy they brought as they bonded as a family was beautiful to behold. In this photo that I captured, it shows the precious bond between Harley and her "son" pupster Wolfie when he was about eight years old. You can see the bond clearly as Harley was obviously telling him some important Siberian Husky life lesson...he and his siblings always respected her, and by his expression, he was intently listening to his "momma." And so were the fabulous days of living with my FiveSibes. What do you imagine Momma Harley

Wrapping Up November Epilepsy Awareness Month With Epi-Star MAX

  Epi-Star "Max" With today being the last day of November, Epilepsy Awareness Month, it’s also the last day of my month-long #FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong Epi-Star features, where keeping in line with the concept of my award-winning book, EPIc Dog Tales: Heartfelt Stories About Amazing Dogs Living & Loving Life With Canine Epilepsy , I highlight some wonderful dogs from across the globe who do not/have not let having epilepsy stop them from enjoying life. Now, even though today is the final day of awareness month, let’s keep in mind that advocating for Epi-dogs is not just one month, it’s every day . So even though we use Epilepsy Awareness Month to highlight Canine Epilepsy, we continue to advocate for awareness all year long to:  a) let other Epi-dog families know that they are not alone in their journey;  b) there are many resources and support available to Epi-dog families; and  c) but most importantly— Epi-dogs can-and DO-live full, happy live