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Dear Gibson: A Letter From Hu-Mom, With Love

Dear Gibson,  A year ago today, you physically left me and your # FiveSibes family to become a furangel. God must have needed a very special Husky because he called you north of the Rainbow Bridge, my sweet Gibson. I love you and miss you every single are forever in my heart and with your spirit walking by my side, we will continue inspiring others to love an # Epidog , and to help all dogs in need. Enjoy the forever snow, my sweet Gibbie.  ~Love you for always,  Hu-Mom     This is a very special Flashback Friday as it is also the first anniversary of  my dear, sweet, fluffy boy Gibson’s journey to north of The Rainbow Bridge. It’s so surreal to me that a whole year has passed and my boy is no longer physically here by my side. Gibson was my heart dog. My fluffy buddy boy. My spirit guide. My Epi-dog champion. My inspiration. He has truly left a huge polar bear pawprint of his on my heart for eternity. I wanted to do a memorial video

Fond Memories of Christmas Past on a #FiveSibes Flashback Friday!

Christmastime has always been a favorite, special, and fun time of year for my family; from my childhood home to the present. The FiveSibes have always added so much happiness and laughter to our lives, and they have enjoyed Christmas just as much as we have! I am so thankful for all the memories. In this video from Christmas 2013, my boys Gibson and Wolf kept me company while wrapping presents under the tree. And, as you can see, Wolf the forever sleepyhead was busy snoozing while big brother Gibson was my silly Elf, "helping" me wrap!  They always pick up on the excitement as THE day draws near...enjoying the decorating, getting and sending cards, and eating doggie treats while we baked. And to this day, laying under the tree and gazing at the twinkling lights is still a favorite past time of theirs...and one I love to watch as it reminds of all the love, peace, warmth, and joy this season is really about. "We'll cherish those moments  for the rest of

Thanking a Friend on a Wordless Wednesday

I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of fellow BlogPaws member and blogger Bryn Nowell of A Dog Walks Into A Bar  for contacting me over the summer asking to create something special in memory of my sweet Gibson, who will be celebrating his first anniversary North of the Rainbow Bridge on December 16th  After sending her one of my favorite portraits of Gibson I had taken, Bryn surprised me with this beautiful painted replica on canvas. I just love it so. Many woos of appreciation and heartfelt thanks go out to this wonderful gal who really brightened up my days! Pictured here with the portrait of Gibson are his younger brother Wolf and the love of Gib's life, his girl Harley.  Oh, how I miss my sweet boy, not only during the holiday season, but every single day of the year. He will always, always remain with me in spirit, walking by my side in our continued advocacy for Epi-dogs and Canine Epilepsy Awareness. #LiveGibStrongForever Thank you, Bryn. You certainly touched

Wrapping Up K9 Epilepsy Awareness Month With Feature Article in Fidose of Reality ~and~ Special Book Giveaway!

Happy Flashback Friday! And what a Friday it is! First, we've been away this week as my daughter went into the hospital on Tuesday to be induced, and yesterday gave birth to a happy, healthy boy -  my first grandchild, and the FiveSibes hu-brother! November was Epilepsy Awareness Month, and although it's now in our rear view mirror, and the holidays are fast approaching, let's always keep awareness for dogs with seizures going! I'd like to give a big "Thank You" to Carol Bryant for taking the time to interview me and discuss Canine Epilepsy that is highlighted in this fantastic article on her website Fidose of Reality . Please take the time to read this important piece and share with everyone you know and in your groups to help spread the word that with a little special care and lots of love, dogs with Canine Epilepsy can, and DO, live happy full lives. As part of my #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign, and in honor of my furangel Gibson

Happy Thanksgiving! A Day of Gratitude & Reflection, Family & Friends, Fun & Food!

Thanksgiving Day with the FiveSibes...    Watching the parade... "Woo! Will we see Santa Paws?!" Helping Mom in the kitchen... "Well someone has to lick up the crumbs!"   Dessert Tasting...  Woo, is that turkey cookie for US???!!! (Thanks, Sassy's Goodies !)   Still waiting on baby hu-brother... A little Nanny-to-be retail therapy while waiting led to these adorable Husky baby outfits! S ix days past due date! What will come first, the baby or the turkey?! Guess Mr. Turkey won! (for today) Of Thanksgiving past: Harley, Chloe & Gibson eyeing the stuffing!   Badge by Ann of Zoolatry Today I am remembering my dear Mom and my sweet furangel Gibson, who I am so thankful I had in my life. Gibson will always hold a very special place in my heart. I sorely miss his presence every single day with his larger-than-life personality, his deep soulfulness, his loving conn