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Of Spa Days and Snow Furries

The (clean) Girls The (clean) Boys It's been "spa" days at the FiveSibes residence, with last weekend being the girls' turn, and this past weekend was the boys' turn. The bath water was so brown, the groomer said they white pups were "stained." Now there's something we were never told before, but then again, this year they made it their #1 Top Priority to dig every possible inch of backyard dirt into what really resembles a meteorite crater. Mix in a very rainy spring, and there's a recipe for the muddiest mud puddles ever. Thankfully, they cleaned up pretty well!  Paws are looking good, too! All the vampire nails are nice and manicured, and all the boys' shaggies are trimmed neatly. I have to say it's quite a trip to listen to them as they are bathed, blown dry, clipped, and pedicured. Each one brings their own personality to the experience. Harley, our alpha queen, wife to Gibson, and the pups' surrogate mother, morphs in