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Newsy Tuesday ~ Accolades and Appreciation!

I have a little catching up to do with news, the sharing of some wonderful achievements that were awarded in 2015. Some of you may have seen when I posted the graphics on my blog, but with the decline of my mother's health starting last July and ending with her passing in November, then Gibson's sudden bout with cancer and passing shortly before Christmas, I have not felt much like celebrating, so some achievements that I'm thrilled to have received, were not highlighted as I would have liked. Now while I do not typically like to "toot my own horn," I do feel so appreciative of the following, that I'd like to give a shout out for those who were kind enough to choose my work. Plus, I know both my Mom and Gibson would want me to share some good news and celebrate with you all, so here it goes!   Selected as a three-time "Excellence" 2015 Award Nominee by the Dog Writers Association of America  (winners to be selected in NYC this month!)