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Howl-a-ween Costumes: Safety Tips for Our Pets

Our alpha gal, Harley, is getting into the spirit of the spooky season. She loves all the glowing orange jack-o-lanterns and festive decorations around the house; especially the lighted ceramic black cat…to which she tips her head in curiosity as I “meow”…yes, I really did. I almost lost that ceramic cat to a ready-to-pounce Sibe, so I won’t be replaying that joke again! Since it is that spooktacular time of the year, which just happens to coincide with National Animal Protection & Safety month (see my earlier blog entry), I’d like to take a few moments to discuss Halloween Safety Tips for Pets . Please keep these in mind, whether you do a dress rehearsal of your canine character now for some photo ops, or on Halloween day/night, that while dressing up furbabies can be fun and entertaining for some Hu-family members, it could be dangerous for the animals. Here are some pet Halloween costume tips to help keep the festivities safe: Never, ever leave pets dressed in costumes alone.