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Can the Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Trigger a Seizure in Dogs With Epilepsy?

Wolf and Harley love laying out under the full moon! Update: November 6, 2022. Once again, we will be having a "Blood Moon" full lunar eclipse that will take place on Tuesday, November 8th , and this type of lunar activity (and with the recent Standard Time Change), could pose as triggers to dogs with Epilepsy. Not to say all Epi-dogs will be affected by both of these changes, but there are some who are very sensitive to changes of any type. So here at FiveSibes, we say best to be informed and be prepared "just in case." How to Prepare? Basically, it's to be prepared *for possible seizure activity* by having your safety precautions and First Aid in place. Prior to the eclipse, have a chat with your veterinarian, and do a little pre-planning, as you would for any out-of-the-ordinary situation or event that could have an adverse effect on your Epi-dog. While the eclipse (hopefully) may not trigger seizure activity in your dog, some helpful hints in pr