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Can the Longest Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in a Century Trigger a Seizure?

Wolf and Harley love laying out under the full moon! Today - July 27, 2018 - the longest "Blood Moon" total lunar eclipse in a century will start at 3:30 PM EDT and last until 5:13 PM EDT, with the "time of greatest eclipse" at 4:21 p.m. EDT, according to . Plus, Mars will be moving to the closest spot to Earth in almost 15 years, so you may catch a glimpse of it, too! While it will not be visible here in North America, it will be from many other areas, and it can also be watched online. How? Check out details HERE.   Our Flashback Friday:  My Gibson in 2015 featured in a poster from 2017. Now, while all this is very exciting and I can hear all the cameras and long-range lenses being prepped around the world, did you know that eclipses and lunar phases could be possible triggers for seizures? Short answer is yes, they can be for some Epi-dogs. Please read my earlier post "Comparative Studies in K9 & Human Epilepsy: Triggers, (C