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Happy Hu-Dad's Day Featuring Dads and "The Sibe Vibe" Special Father's Day Episode!

   I'm pretty excited to share this special Father's Day episode of our #FiveSibes show, "The Sibe Vibe" on Dog Works Radio, featuring photographer and Husky rescue dad, Carl D. Bromberg! On this episode, he'll be talking all about the surprise birth of Little Miss Suri, who went on to Puppy Bowl fame!   Carl and Little Miss Suri in the lobby of the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X!     Go Suri! Tackle! Little Miss Suri meeting one of New York City Police Department's heroes in Time Square!     (click on image and it will take you to the page with the show!) Also, if you have a moment, pop on over to our open community Facebook page (meaning you don't have to have a Facebook account in order to see us) and you can share some of your pics of Hu-dads and their furkids today!    Visit our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews page HERE .    Our amazing FiveSibesDad with our Gibson from years ago,  and a lovely poem about Dads by Karen K. Boyer.