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Happy Hu-Dad's Day Featuring Dads and "The Sibe Vibe" Special Father's Day Episode!

   It's Father's Day and we here at the FiveSibes homestead want to wish all the Hu-dads, foster dads, and rescue dads a very Happy Dad's Day! Our special Father's Day episode of my Dog Works Radio show, "The Sibe Vibe," features Husky Hu-dad, rescuer, and photographer Carl D. Bromberg who chats with all about Siberian Huskies, his love of all animals, rescue volunteer work, and the miraculous (and surprise) birth of Little Miss Suri , whose mom and dad were rescued from hoarders where there kennels were under six inches of water!    Little Miss Suri and her Hu-dad, Carl at Animal Planet Studio. We talk about Suri's incredible birth and her road to being one of the Starting Line-Up stars of the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X this past year! An incredible story you won't want to miss!    Suri does a great Husky tackle on TV's Puppy Bowl X!   Carl, who also owns Visions Photography in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also talks ab