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 Click on image to enlarge.   Would you like copies of this important poster to share with others? You can download materials or ask for hard copies from our #Paws4Purple partners over at Purple Day® Every Day presented by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation!  Details on how below!  I'm super proud of my cooling down an Epi-dog poster and happy to know it has helped Epi-dogs across the world! Great Resource for:     ✔︎ Veterinarian Offices ✔︎ Vet ER  Hospitals ✔︎ Rescues & Shelters ✔︎ Dog Wardens & Animal Control Officers ✔︎ Trainers ✔︎ Groomers ✔︎ Dog Walkers  ✔︎ Dog Parks  ✔︎ Pet Supply Stores & Boutiques ✔︎ Dog Friendly Businesses ✔︎ Police Departments ✔︎ Fire Departments    To request FREE* printed copies, simply send an Email with #Paws4Purple Materials in Subject line and what you'd like copies of and how many, to:  of the Purple Day® Every Day as Presented by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation  * To download or view online FREE, visit #Paws4Purple HER

Thanksgiving Memories on #FlashbackFriday

  We sure hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Wolfie here enjoyed some roasted turkey and plain sweet potato! With it being the day after Turkey Day, I thought it would be nice to relfect back on a past Thanksgiving with the Sibes! So below for today's #FlashbackFriday, we are strolling down Memory Lane to Thanksgiving 2018! Hey, that turkey looks familiar! Here it is posing with Wolfie's twin sister, Chloe. She was always my go-to model! What's Thanksgiving without some tasty turkey treats? Here are Chloe, Bandit, and Harley with their favorite handmade cookies from Sassy's Goodies!   One of my favorites was Thanksgiving morning photo when they all were waiting as I put the stuffed bird into the oven and returned to the living room to these looks...I just could imagine what they were thinking. BOL! What wonderful memories. So thankful I was their FiveSibesMom.    "Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind."    ~Lionel Hampto

#FiveSibes Travel Tips For Dogs

Buckle Up before you hit the road!   “To a dog, motoring isn't just a way of getting from here to there,  it's also a thrill and an adventure .~ Jon Winokur   This holiday season, or any time, if you are planning on packing your car and traveling over the river and through the woods, or city, to visit grandma or any relatives and friends, there’s no better time than now to get that checklist ready for a  safe, clean, and comfortable drive for both you and your beloved canine companions.   This post contains some Amazon affiliate links for products we used. If you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive a tiny commission *at no extra cost* to you. Thank you!    Before you begin your trip, is your dog used to traveling in the car? If not, be sure to prep for your holiday journey by taking some smaller rides to get your dog ready for the trip ahead. And please, for safety’s sake, never let your dog ride loose in a vehicle. Once your dog i

NEW! Our #FiveSibes #TheSibeVibe Embroidered Patch Benefits The Wally Foundation

  FiveSibes The Sibe Vibe PATCH! Get yours today while supply lasts!     Folks have asked about this patch over the years, and now we have added it to our store! Plastic backing, this beautifully embroidered patch can be sewed onto jackets to proudly display your love of Siberian Huskies, and K9 Epilepsy Awareness!    Patch Size: 5"h x 4" w     FiveSibes The Sibe Vibe Embroidered PATCH!   Visit our online ArcticHouse Gifts & Books Shoppe to add this to your cart and shop for other items, or purchase directly via PayPal from here...   $10.00* each     *And $2 from every patch sold will benefit  The Wally Foundation ~ Canine Epilepsy! FREE SHIPPING!   (Yes, shipping is on us)!  Limited Stock!   NOTE: Due to news reports of delays in deliveries due to employee shortages, plus holiday shipping schedule, please order soon if you want one for gift-giving!     Musher Nicole Forto of Team Ineka (Alaska) wore our patch on her jacket while competing in the Juni

#FlashbackFriday: Oh, Gibbie!

  Oh, my silly Gibson! To know him was to absolutely fall in love with him. There was not a person this big almost 100-pound fluffy boy didn't like. And when he loved, he loved deeply! He fell hard for Harley and was inseparable from her his whole life. He was my heart dog and my spirit animal. Gibson was truly a lover, not a fighter. Having Canine Epilepsy and all  the issues that goes with the medications and the disease, he was a vet frequent flyer, and boy did he love those wonderful and caring vets and techs. On walks, he'd lead me right over to the veterinarian hospital's back door! He especially loved it when the caring techs came to our house to give him laser treatments for his hind end weakness (due to the epilepsy medications). And my boy was a sucker for a pretty gal! He would ply them with his infamous Gibbie kisses! And they sure returned his love! Gibson was also quite the jokester! Yes, dogs most definitley can have a sense of humor, and my boy Gib sure did