Friday, January 19, 2018

Birthday Trifecta! Our Pupsters Turn 10!

Woo! It is a special day here; a trifecta of birthdays!!! Our #FiveSibes“Pupsters” Chloe, Wolfgang, and Bandit turn 10!!! It seems like only yesterday we brought them home at 2 months old to join our 3-year-old Harley and 2-year-old Gibson...and our FiveSibes Family was born! I can’t believe it was a decade ago! 

There is something so special about raising three littermates; watching them grow up together and knowing they will never be separated. They have such a close bond! To this day, they do everything in tandum, including "potty off the deck!" This Flashback Friday photo is from when they had their first bath and would snuggle up to each other to nap!

Raising three Husky puppies at the same time, along with two young Huskies, has been such a joy! Sometimes a bit chaotic, but so much fun! And, oh, the love and Husky kisses: priceless! 

Here are some more pics from today's Birthday celebration!

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Mama Harley has been sick, but she joined in for a little lick of the cake!

Happy Birthday Wolf, Chloe, and Bee! 
Here’s to many more years together!
Love you kids!

Today's other Flashback Friday photo is from the Pupster's 7th Birthday, and--of course--cake time! Their favorite part of the day! Here big brother Gibson and Harley joined in the delicious fun!

"Sweet Memories, Sweet Memories..." 
~Willie Nelson

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Monday, January 15, 2018

It's Merry Meme Monday, And We Want to Feature Your Husky!

We've been doing fun Merry Meme Mondays here on and off for several years and there have been so many wonderful photos and creative captions! If you'd like your Husky, Northern Breed Dog, or Any Breed/Mixed Breed Dog that is *Posed with a Husky*, join us for some fun! We post your photo on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page for folks to comment with their entries for a caption, they are voted on by number of "likes," and the winning caption and writer's name, as well as photographer's name are credited on a a Merry Meme poster I create and share for all to enjoy! It's been such a fun time, we are continuing it for 2018!

What Kind of Photo Do I Submit?

Any clear photo that obviously tells some kind of story, shows something funny, silly, or perfect for a creative caption!

Do I Have to be the Photographer?

Preferably, yes. If you had someone else take the photo, we would need their written permission also to create, credit, publish, and share.

Do I Retain Rights to My Photo?

Absolutely! You are granting us the right to post, create, publish, and share as part of our FiveSibes Merry Memes only! 

Can Me or My Friends Submit a Caption When Posted?

Absolutely! The more the merrier!

Does My Photo Have to Be of a Husky?

Since we are a Siberian Husky blog, Husky or Northern Breed dogs photos are preferred, however, ANY dog or pet photo is welcome with one small stipulation--that a Husky be somehow positively featured in the photo in some way--maybe with a plush Husky toy or a Husky puppet, or looking at a Husky in a photo, etc. Be creative! 

How Will I Know When You Feature My Photo?

I will contact you back either via Email or Facebook Messenger to let you know when it is up!

Will My Photo Be Posted for the Merry Meme Fun Contest Right Away?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes it may take awhile before we get to posting your photo! But when we do, you will always be notified.

If I Had a Photo That Was Featured Already as a Meme, May I Still Submit Another?


How Do I Submit A Photo?

Simple! Just Email your photo to us here at FiveSibesHuskyNews(at)gmail(dot)com! Be sure to include:

  • your pup's (or pups') name(s) 
  • your name/photographer's name (for credit). 
  • your website/blog site as we are happy to network!
  • Type "Meme Contest" in subject line
*Submission of photo grants FiveSibes permission to post, create a meme, and share!*

We do hope you'll join in the fun! Looking forward to seeing your creative photos!

To view previous FiveSibes featured Memes, visit HERE.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Party North of the Rainbow Bridge, Gib!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful furangel, Gibson. Today, he would be 12 years old! My, how time keeps marching on. 

Have a wonderful party North of the Rainbow Bridge, Gibbie. I know you have Hu-Nanny and so many furfriends there. Enjoy some fun snow zoomies, and as I see the snow falling here, know I will be thinking of you on your special day. 
Love you, G-man. For always.

“We may not be together
in the way we used to be.
We are still connected 
by a cord no eye can see.
So whenever you need to find me,
we’re never far apart.
If you look beyond the Rainbow
and listen with your heart.”

~Unknown Author

Oh, I so miss those precious Gibbie kisses!

Gibson's 9th Birthday in 2014, his last with us.

"Today's special moments are 
tomorrow's memories."
~Genie, The Return of Jafar

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Happy New Year! 

So you have been wondering where we've been...since my last post was way before Christmas on December 18! I feel like I missed the whole holiday season (oh, wait, I did!) due to a case of bronchitis, complicated, as many of you know, by my having Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Fibromyalgia, two things that can give my immune system a beating and cause chronic exhaustion and pain, that can make recovery a slow process. 

So, it's been a long three weeks of rest, cough-filled sleep, doctor visits, medication, liquids, Vicks, essential oils, chicken soup, and four furry nurses to keep me company under the glow of the colorful Christmas tree while I caught up on every show I think I have ever been interested in! As you can see from the photo above, my boy Wolf and sister Chloe keep a very close eye on me! While I pretty much isolated myself from the rest of my family, Christmas Day came and went way too fast for me. And it was also the first Christmas without my father-in-law, who passed away the end of October.  So it was a strange holiday indeed. While I watched (adorned with a scarf around my mouth) my beautiful and excited grandson open presents left around the tree by our dear jolly ol' pal Santa, my season was cut short and so many friends and family I did not have the pleasure of visiting, no cookies baked or delivered, holiday shopping not completed, and no Christmas cards sent or packages delivered. Seriously, I need a holiday do-over! While I will be playing catch-up for a bit with some things, as I pack away the decorations, I can't help but feel like I stepped out of the Twilight Zone, wondering if Christmas and New Year's really passed me by, or...I am back from an alternate universe and it simply has not arrived yet? 

Speaking of health, If any of you also live with autoimmune disease, I have a group called The AI Club: Living With Fibromyalgia, RA & Other Autoimmune Diseases over on Facebook where we chat about life with AI issues, share recipes, tips, and news. I'd love to have you join us! 

I may have thrown myself a small, teensy-weensy pity party mid-way through my illness, but now that I am finally on the other side of it, even though I may have some residual effects for a few moths and with a compromised immune system, slow to start getting my steam going...but, as my Gibson always inspired me with his perseverance in the face of his health challenges, I will keep that spirit with me as I chug away, gradually getting stronger and back to my pre-bronchitis and creative self as soon as I can! And, in the mean time, I have my pups making sure I Bandit here, who decided her new job was being my lapdog! Now who am I to argue with 58 pounds of love and fluff?

To recap Christmas a little, I am always excited to add new ornaments to my tree,  including my annual FiveSibes ornament. I also could not resist the furry gray and white wooly Husky that called out to me from the store shelf; it reminded me so much of Gibson, he just had to come home with me!

My article "7 Ways to Share Holiday Joy With Your Dog and Dogs in Need" was published just in time for the holiday over on 4Knines, so that was fun! Hope you'll pop over to give it a read, even if it is past Christmas!

Christmas Eve was quiet here, other than my boisterous coughing breaking through the silent house! The pups snuggled in for a long winter's nap around the tree dreaming of Santa Paws' arrival!

Christmas morning arrived in full snow glory! We finally had a White Christmas! (It has been a few years). While I was sad I could not go out and enjoy it, it sure was beautiful to look at from the window, and watch my four FiveSibes play in it!

New Year's Eve arrived blanketed in quiet as we sat around watching 2018 arrive as the ball drop in a freezing Times Square!

We sure hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and wish each and everyone one of you and your families a healthy, peace-filled New Year! 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Letter to Gibson on His 2nd Anniversary at The Rainbow Bridge #LiveGibStrongForever

"I can no longer 

see you with my eyes

touch you with my hands,

but I will feel you in my heart 

~Tanya Lord

Dear Gibson, 

My beloved fur friend, you are indeed in my heart for always. I cannot believe you have not been here in two years. I still look for you, hear you wooing "I wuv woo," and "ice cream," can see you doing your Gibbe hip-hop dance, feel the weight of your polar bear paw, and miss those Gibbie nibbies and kisses. You were, and always will be, an inspiration to me. You helped me get through some tough days of having autoimmune issues from RA and fibromyalgia, and some days we limped together. I still use your determination and will to fight  your Epi demons to get me through my continuing days, just the same as I helped you through your trials and tribulations of living with Canine Epilepsy. 

Your Sibe family misses you, too: your true love Harley, and your younger brother Wolf, and sisters Chloe and Bandit. When they snuggle, there is always a space there that I am sure they are reserving for you...or maybe, you are still there with them. You will always and forever be a part of our FiveSibes family.

You will be by my side dear, sweet, strong spirit animal. Enjoy those snow zoomies like years ago with your Sibe family...and when the snowflakes fall, I know it will be you, sending your love from north of the Rainbow Bridge.

I love and miss you, G. For always.

#LiveGibStrong ~ #LiveGibStrongForever

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Card Trivia on a Flashback Friday!

'Tis the season...for holiday cards! Let's test your musical holiday knowledge! How many of you recall this Christmas classic song? 

"Greeting cards have all been sent 
The Christmas rush is through 
But I still have one wish to make 
A special one for you 
Merry Christmas darling..."

I bet you are humming that tune now!

I am a little late to my own blog hop this week, but it's never too late as you can join in all week with any special memories you may like to share! My special FiveSibes Flashback Friday photo up top is from a few years back when my boys, Wolf and big brother Gibson, joined me in opening up the many wonderful cards sent to us by their fans and friends (they actually receive way more cards than we get)! Since my mother and Gibson's passing, and now with my father-in-law just a month ago, we are taking a respite from sending cards, but do look forward to hopefully once again joining in this wonderful tradition next year. For this year, we will be posting a card online a little later on with our warmest wishes to all our wonderful friends we have been so fortunate to meet here on Blogville, from my "The Sibe Vibe" radio show, and through our FiveSibes social media. We are truly blessed to have made so many wonderful connections through our beloved pets!

Honestly, my FiveSibes always seem to know when it is the holiday season and have always loved to join in on the fun of opening cards! (I think they may have caught a few whiffs of their furpals' scent, too, on them causing them to be extra excited)! I especially love the above photo because my Gibson was here with us, and he was always such a character! In eight more days, he will have been at the Rainbow Bridge for two years. I still cannot believe it has been that some respects it feels like he has been away for way too long, and in some ways, just yesterday. Time is strange like that, isn't it? But oh, how he loved the holidays...and those memories bring me joy, as do all the precious moments of making memories with all of my FiveSibes family!

So did you guess the song and who sang it? If you guessed "Merry Christmas, Darling" by The Carpenters, you were right!

Also as part of today's Flashback Friday, I'm re-sharing some Christmas Card trivia from 2014! Ready? Here we go!

The origins of greeting cards began in the 14th century as wood-block printed New Year’s cards from Germany. 

The first Christmas greeting cards, called "Christmas Pieces," were of made by English schoolchildren in the 18th Century to bring home to their parents.

The modern Christmas card as we know it, was first designed by artist John Calcott Horsley for his friend Sir Henry Cole.

Sir Henry Cole started the custom of sending Christmas cards in the United Kingdom in 1843. Cole, who was a civil servant was apparently fascinated by the new public postal system and he wanted to come up with a way it could be used more by the people.

Due to the card's popularity, a year later saw the first "mass production" of the Christmas card when 1,000 cards were printed and sold for one schilling apiece.

Sending of the Christmas cards became popular, aided by the fact that the Postal Act of 1840 allowed people to send the cards to family and friends anywhere in the United Kingdom for a "penny post," a cost of just one penny each. This became even more popular in 1870 when the cost to send a greeting dropped in price to a halfpenny.

The first American greeting cards were printed in Boston, Massachusetts by lithographer Louis Prang, a Prussian immigrant, in 1875 with the simple greeting 
"Merry Christmas." 

The first - and still the most popular today - greeting on a Christmas card is "A Merry Christmas and a 
Happy New Year to you." 

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