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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Rain, Rain, Go Way!

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Storm Isaias came and gave us steady rains and some winds today. Our FiveSibes pupsters Wolfie and Bandit were out and back in as quick as their wet little paws could move! My boy Wolfie poked his head out while getitng toweled off ho;\ping Isaias blew away! Huskies do not like rain! Funny, they love the sprinkler, though! We hope all who are also in the storm's path are all safe and dry!

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Exciting Writing Awards News to Share!

Woo! Hu-Mom won this award for her fiction story!

So thrilled to announce that my fiction story, "Hope's Haven" that was published in the Winter 2019 issue of AmericanPet Magazine has been selected as by the Dog Writer's Association of America as a short fiction work of "Excellence" and has been awarded the prestigious DWAA's Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence" in short fiction! While this is my third Maxwell Medallion, it is my first for fiction, a true passion of mine! Many of my dear readers know me for my life-long career of non-fiction articles, but to have the opportunity to share my creative fiction, and be recognized for the work, is truly this writer's dream!

The Dog Writer's Association of America's Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence" in Short Fiction writing. 


I am so very proud of this work of fiction as it not only surrounds
My Maxwell Medallion for Short Fiction
the story of the magnificent breed of Siberian Huskies, but also highlights Husky rescue and a nod to brave veterans of our American military. To have my story published in AmericanPet Magazine was my first moment of pride, but then to have it recognized with the Maxwell Medallion by the DWAA was such an honor and thrill for me. To be recognized for my fiction writing on subjects I feel very passionate about is quite an honor! 

So proud of you, Hu-Mom. Beautiful medallion!
While these awards were presented back in February, with the world being sent into a scary pandemic called Covid-19, I felt it best to hold off sharing any of my personal awards and accomplishments in light of all the illness, fear, and sadness. It just did not feel right to me at the time, when so many had so much to worry about. I am so thankful so many people are doing well and being respectful of others by masking up and keeping social distance until "they" have a better handle on what is making the virus spike. Since today is a very special day as it is  my Mom's birthday; her fifth in Heaven, I thought it is a perfect time to share my awesome news; news she would have so enjoyed!  She was truly my biggest fan and cheerleader of all my writing.

Thank  you, Grey Muzzle Organization!
In addition to receiving the Maxwell Medallion for my fiction story, I was thrilled to also be awarded a very special "Grey Muzzle Award" by The Grey Muzzle Organization that I share with my producer, Robert Forto, for an episode of my FiveSibes™ The Sibe Vibe show on Dog Works Radio "Caring for a Senior Dog, Part 1" featuring Hindy Pearson of Dog Parenting 101, and founder of Caring for a Senior Dog website and the Senior Dog Care Club group on Facebook. I take pride and joy in researching, writing, and interviewing our guests on the show, and Hindy was certainly a pleasure--so much so, I invited her to do a 2-part special about senior dogs! (You can also listen to Part 2 of the show, which was also nominated for Excellence, HERE.) The award is for "excellence in writing/media of the plight of at-risk senior dogs."

#SeniorDogCare #AwardThe Grey Muzzle Award is sponsored by The Grey Muzzle Organization, this award "goes to the best article, book, blog, TV segment, radio spot, video, column or other creative media format that best educates, promotes, or demonstrates to the public the plight of at-risk senior dogs." 

I want to thank my FiveSibes, for my dogs are my inspiration for both of these works. I'd also like to thank Robert for producing my show, now in its seventh year of production, and for being my periodic co-host. And a special round of applause to my guest, Hindy Pearson, for sharing her vast expertise on caring for senior dogs with my listeners. She is an award-winner in my book for all the wonderful information she shares on behalf of senior dogs and their families everywhere.

The Gray Muzzle Award is for "excellence in writing/media of the plight of at-risk senior dogs."

While I write for the love of writing and the love of dogs, especially Siberian Huskies, it is always such an honor to be recognized with such prestigious awards, especially by the DWAA! (If you'd like to read the entire list of nominees and winners, please check out the DWWA website HERE. Congrats to all)!

Feeling proud, honored, and thankful!

Mom, hope you can see these! 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Remembering Chloe

How can it be one year ago already that our dear pack sweetheart, Chloe, suddenly left us for the Rainbow Bridge? Always happy, chatty, and hungry, Chloe was the sweetest dog. She loved to talk, and she loved to eat. When she suddenly stopped both, it was an alarming sign. To think she suddenly succumbed to advanced liver disease that had never even shown a sign in any previous tests, still just blows my mind. The phone call that said, "it's bad" and then the urgently needed vet visit immediately following. How? But if there is any comfort, it is in knowing we were able to let her gently and peacefully make her journey in the familiar, loving surrounding of our home and her siblings and "mama" Harley. Above is a favorite photo of our girl, who was my girl's best furry friend, with a handmade FiveSibes snowflake from their Auntie Holly. Oh, how Chloe loved to pose upon the couch or on one of our chairs! She was truly a princess pup.

“Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment...!” ~Unknown

Sweet Coco, we will forever miss you. 
May you be happily chatting and running 
with big bro Gibson and "mama" Harley in those forever snowy fields north of the Rainbow Bridge. 


Saturday, June 20, 2020

A Health Scare For Bandit

Hello dear Blogville friends! As you know, it's been awhile since we have been blogging. If you follow us on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page,  we do continue our updates, but my muse apparently hit the road! After losing our beloved Harley just three months after losing our sweet Chloe, I needed to take a step back and my creativity went on hold. We also had some big life changes to adjust to and help our Wolfie and Bandit adjust as well, especially to the loss of their beloved sibling and "momma." And...since we last "spoke," the world has certainly changed. So much illness, chaos, unrest, and unhappiness...we sure do hope this post finds you all safe and well. 

Many things have happened during our blogging and The Sibe Vibe Dog Works Radio show hiatus, including adjusting to the loss of Chloe and Harley, and a big move! We also recently had a health scare with our girl Bandit. I hope to soon be back blogging more regularly, and soon restart my #FlashbackFriday and #WaitingWednesday (highlighting adoptable Huskies) blog hops. I sure hope you'll come back to visit and participate! For now The Sibe Vibe show is still on hiatus as we get into a new normal swing of things, but you can visit the website and listen to the library of podcasts and I will keep you posted of any new news.

Uppermost news, our girl Bandit has gone through a medical issue--but, cutting to the current, she is doing well. Back in April during a vet visit for an ear infection, a pretty good size mass was discovered inside her mouth. With our move to a new location and having to find a good vet (after a 20+ year relationship with my amazing vet team) was no easy task. Add that our "Pupsters" are now 12.5 years old, the Covid-19 pandemic, and having to hand our dog over to a complete stranger, this  was not easy to do! Talk about a nervous Husky mom! However, I was able to have them become patients of a wonderful and caring mobile vet who does house calls, which was important to me as they were used to home visits from our previous long-time vet team. Upon finding the mass, she recommended a surgeon in our area, who after several conversations (and no face-to-face due to Covid-19), I felt confident and we arranged a surgery date for our girl.

Bandit did great during surgery and they were able to cleanly remove the mass. It was sent away for pathology and Bee came home with us and to her worried brother, Wolfie. She has been healing nicely, I am happy to report. And Wolfie is very happy to have her home for Sibe sibling snuggles!

It took five weeks, but we just received the results of the report, and while it is not benign, it is also not high-risk. At this time, with the blessing of the vet surgeon, we will be keeping a close eye on her, but no further medication or treatments are needed at this time. I pray for no return of any masses and that she and Wolfie may enjoy many more healthy years together.

I know many of you follow us over on Facebook and Instagram (@FiveSibesMom) and have left prayers and positive thoughts, and I want to say "thank you" from the bottom of my Husky-loving heart!

We'll be back again soon! Until then...stay safe. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Happy Birthday Party for Harley at the Bridge!

Today would have been our beautiful alpha queen Harley’s 15th Birthday. Our first Husky. Queen of the #FiveSibes. How I wish she was here to celebrate with us and have her ice cream cake! I am so glad we celebrated her 14.5 Birthday back in September as we knew at the time, her journey to the Bridge was nearing. It still does not feel real that she is no longer physically with us, but she will always and forever be with us in our hearts.  

Enjoy your day at the Rainbow Bridge with Gibson and Chloe, Momma Har. Things are not the same without you. 
We miss you so.
A Bridge Called Love
It takes us back to brighter years,
to happier sunlit days
and to precious moments
that will be with us always.
And these fond recollections
are treasured in the heart
to bring us always close to those
from whom we had to part.
There is a bridge of memories
from Earth to Heaven above…
It keeps our dear ones near us
It’s the bridge that we call love.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Happy 12th Birthday, Pupsters!

We are popping in from our blogging hiatus as our Pupsters celebrated their 12th Birthday! It was a bittersweet day as this was the first Pupsters' birthday without sister Chloe, who made her sudden journey North of the Rainbow Bridge this past June, and the loss of our pack's alpha queen, a/k/a "momma."

It is still so hard to believe that our beautiful big FiveSibes pack family is now two--Wolf and Bandit. But, we braved on to celebrate their special day and recall so many fond memories of all three pupsters celebrating in past years together, while looking forward to the future.

Those were the days, my friends...
we thought they'd never end...

My grandson is an amazing constant source of joy not only for this proud Nanny, but for Wolf and Bandit, too. They have become very good friends and he has helped them come out of their grieving! There is something about seeing him and Wolf and Bandit forge a close bond that just really warms my heart. 

I will always forever feel so lucky to have been able to bring home three fluffly little littermates and raise them together forever. Naturally, we had their favorite cake - vanilla ice cream topped with crushed treats -and where there was a birthday cake, sweet chatty Chloe would be wooing up a storm...so this year was eerily quiet.

We have had a lot of changes since, too, including relocating. So we all have been adjusting to life in a new place, and without our beloved Gibson, Harley, and Chloe. 

Wolf and Bandit may be 12 and some arthritis is showing up...but, bless their hearts, they still act like puppies and I hope they always will. 

I am embracing this golden stage of their lives and hope that they will be with us for many more birthdays to come. 

Oh, and Mother Nature gave my two snow dogs the best birthday gift--snow! Maybe those snowflakes were a sign that sister Chloe, along with big brother Gibson and "momma" Harley were indeed with them on their special day.