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Flashing Back to Christmas... in July!

While we may be toasty warm in the scorching summer won't be long before we are trying to stay toasty warm in the snowy cold! I thought since Christmas is just about five months from now, we'd flash back to Christmas 2014, when all the FiveSibes were nestled in their beds, visions of treats dancing in their heads as they waited so peacefully for Santa under the tree! This was the typical scene here each year on Christmas Eve and, while unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be Gibson's last Christmas Day with us for the following year, right before Christmas, he earned his furangel wings. While his absence still stings my heart, I can look at these photos and I'm right back in time, feeling all the love and peace of the holiday season shared with my beloved FiveSibes. I can remember feeling so blessed that these beautiful dogs were sharing life with me and my family. While looking for today's photos, I came across some video footage of this exact night