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FiveSibes Nominated for a Shorty Award and Hit the Campaign Trail!

Wolf, the Campaign Manager W e are VERY excited (hear those Sibe woos???!!!) to report that we have been nominated for a "Shorty Award" for social media for our Twitter tweets and our blog. I t's truly an honor! But the work is not done there, nope! The FiveSibes and Hu-Mom are now hitting the Campaign Trail to garner up some more votes for the "Shorties" to possibly have a chance at getting some national attention, which in turn will help us to continue to promote and support the breed of Siberian Huskies and all things canine and pet-related. So, if you enjoy visiting our blog, seeing our photos, viewing our videos, and reading our Twitter tweets--and if you have a Twitter account--if you wouldn't mind visiting this site ( ) and voting for us in the "social media" category, we would send many Husky hugs your way!  P lease be sure to complete the sentence