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A Birthday Fit For Our Queen Harley!

Woo! It is such a special day here at FiveSibes homestead ~ our beautiful, super smart, sassy, and bossy alpha queen Harley is celebrating her 14th Birthday!  Our FiveSibes alpha queen "Harley Nanuk Mari" It is amazing to me that my daughter, who is married with a family of her own, was just 17 years old when we travelled in the pouring rain to bring THE most beautiful Siberian Husky puppy home! She has always been in love with the breed, and when our rescue Akita/German Shepard Chelsey was in her golden years, we opened our hearts and home to the stunning Husky puppy with such an intense mask, fulfilling not only my daughter's dream, but she would also soon become the leader of the future FiveSibes pack family, who all have added so much joy to my life! While Troy may have Helen, our Harley single-handedly was the gorgeous face that launched the FiveSibes and my love for this amazing breed. Gibson sure knew exactly what he was falling in love with when he jo