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Cool Time Pool Time!

"Pool!" is a magic word to the FiveSibes! That one little word holds so much meaning and can make five sets of blue eyes grow wider and Sibe smiles spread! So, to give my furkids a break from lounging inside in the A/C during the recent humid days, I pulled out their old pool from last year (we had two, but they chewed holes in one) to let them have some fun cooling off (the water was clear when we started) as we enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and celebrate the Hu-Dad's birthday! We hope you and your furbabies are enjoying your weekend! If you haven't seen yesterday's blog entry, please be sure to check out the "Patriotic Pets" Photo Contest info, and then pop back over tomorrow for a special canine Memorial Day tribute.  We hope you and your furkids are having a safe and happy holiday weekend, and are finding fun ways to "keep it cool!"