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Happy Birthday, America!

We hope all our fellow Americans are having a great Fourth of July holiday! Harley is all decked out in her patriotic sunglasses, ready for some pool time! Be sure to tune in to my Summer edition of "The Sibe Vibe" on Dog Works Radio (and on iTunes under the Dog Works Radio family of shows)! On this episode we chat with Karen Ferreri-Miller, president of the Free Spirit Siberian Rescue in Harvard, Illinois, all about Siberian Huskies, rescue Huskies, fostering, their Free Spirit Demo Sled Dog Team , and some of my FiveSibes tips for keeping pets safe this Fourth of July holiday! Tune in any time here:  Don't forget to check out our safety tips, the ASPCA's "IDs, Please" campaign, and be sure to enter our ASPCA Summer Gift Giveaway! Deadline is 12 AM EST on July 8th! Enter HERE !  And what's the Fourth of July without a parade? Here's a look back at some pretty patriotic pets on parade in our FiveSibes Independence Day P