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Newsy Tuesday! The Story of Puppy Bowl X's Little Miss Suri Book Release

Puppy Bowl X Star "Suri" today with her new book!      The Story of Little Miss Suri: From Surprise Puppy to Puppy Bowl Star Book Written by Carl D. Bromberg Illustrated by Barbara K. Slocum Edited by Dorothy Wills-Raftery Published by Visions Photography      "I hope that parents and children will take away a love of animals from this book. To realize that the shy and timid pets at shelters and rescues just need some patience and love and TLC to become loving members of their family."   ~Carl D. Bromberg, Author of The Story of Little Miss Suri  & Owner/Photographer of Visions Photography I' m so excited to announce the publication of Little Miss Suri 's children's book (or for any age Husky lover)! As many of you know already, I'm a career writer, photojournalist, and editor. I've had the privilege of editing Carl D. Bromberg's new book all about his beautiful rescue puppy, Siberian Husky, Suri! Many of you already follow Little Miss S