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Faithfully Yours Blog Book Tour Stop, Book Giveaway, and a Flashback Friday Moment!

  Harley checking out Kindle version of Faithfully Yours ! I'm excited to talk about a new book about the precious human-animal bond from a fellow author and wonderful story teller, Peggy Frezon, titled, Faithfully Yours, The Amazing Bond Between Us and The Animals We Love! Of course, being a Siberian Husky parent and blogger, I was drawn to her story of "Zander" the Husky and his human, John. Without giving away the whole tale, I'll tease you with a little excerpt that tells the miraculous story of how Zander, through his devotion, " somehow led him to exactly the right place.... And John tightly hugged the dog who would go to any lengths to be beside his best friend." Hooked? Need a tissue? Want to hear the rest of Zander's story and many other ones in Peggy's book about the wonder and blessing of a pet's devotion? Then please do check out Faithfully Yours. You will want one for your library! "In the natural world,